Makeup Box & Pouch A variety of sizes compatible for different items

The versatility of PP Makeup Boxes lies in their different sizes and stackability, caters to your different needs while retaining their compatibility with Nylon Makeup Boxes as a storage unit or other MUJI items.

Usage demonstration - PP Makeup Box

For storage of makeup items

You can find a specific item with one glance as they lie in the storage boxes with various sizes. Other than that, the boxes are stackable while mirrors can be used as container lids, saving space. Tidying up has never been so hassle free.

For storage inside drawer case

Makeup Boxes also act as partitions in PP Storage Boxes while their rounded corners allow easy access. Translucent material enables you to get your hands on the items inside effortlessly.

For storage on Stainless Steel Unit Shelves

The size of Makeup Boxes is compatible with MUJI Storage Unit to make it more convenient when storing items such as shampoo, body soap, bath salt and toning water in washrooms or laundry rooms.

PP Makeup Box

For storage inside Nylon Makeup Boxes

Nylon Makeup Boxes are compatible with PP Makeup Boxes, allowing easy assembling for a customized storage unit. The lid is specifically designed for storing makeup brushes, minimizing the chance of cross-contamination. Small tools and items can be stored in the boxes for easy transport, such as sewing accessories or even serving as a first-aid kit.

Nylon Makeup Box

Usage demonstration - Nylon Pouch

Convenient for storing small objects like makeup items. The inner compartments are specially designed to be simple for multi-purpose storage.

Nylon Pouch with Handle
Suitable for storage of makeup items or medicines at home.
Nylon Pouch with Handle - Slim
Useful for storage of travel accessories like portable electronics.
Nylon Pouch Book Type
Convenient for storage of cosmetics and makeup tools, as well as travel necessities like passport.

Nylon Makeup Pouch