Beads SofaBringing You a Relaxing Break

The microbead filling offers comfortable support by cushioning where it’s needed most. Place a Beads Sofa in your living room, bedroom or workplace and enjoy a relaxing break at any time.

Equally Comfortable No Matter How You Use It

When used horizontally Wraps from shoulders to waist for a soft support so you can sit on it comfortably for reading or watching TV.

When used vertically The material stretches out to naturally support your whole body for enhanced support when you lie down for a nap.

    Replaceable Sofa Cover Sofa Covers are available in different basic colours made from cotton or denim fabric, blending into your living environment naturally. Machine washable for easy cleaning.

      Easy Replenishment of Cushioning SupportReplenishing Cushion is sold separately. By inserting it into Beads Sofa, it can quickly replenish the cushioning support that has been lost over time without the need to replace the entire Beads Sofa.