Comfortable Days at Home

As the time spent at home increases, MUJI brings various household items, personal care items and food that support your morning, noon, afternoon and nighttime routines for your comfortable days at home.

  • Morning

    A simple skincare routine in the morning helps keep your skin healthy and kick off your working mode. What’s more, with basic makeup items for a natural and healthy look, you can leave a decent impression during video conferences at home. Make use of the morning time to refresh your home environment by cleaning and laundry for extra comfort.

    Mild Face Cleansing

    Rich lather with natural moisturising components such as apricot juice and peach leaf extract to retain skin’s natural sebum.

    Sensitive Skin Face Care

    Uses water drawn from caves in remote mountains of Japan in combination with natural botanical extracts for hydrating and relieving your skin. Free of fragrance, colouration, mineral oil, Paraben, and alcohol.

    Makeup Items

    Contains natural moisturising ingredients including jojoba seed oil, shea butter, apricot kernel oil and chamomile flower extract, in addition to the hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, helping your skin to retain moisture. Free of fragrance, mineral oil and alcohol.

    Cleaning Tools

    Simply combine a pole with a variety of attachments such as mop, broom and deck brush depending on your cleaning needs, keep your cleaning process stress-free and efficient. Separately sold refills are available.

    Mini Handy Mop

    Mini Handy Mop contains microfibres to trap dust and dirt with ease. The mop portion is removable and can be washed to keep it clean and reusable. By keeping it in the attached storage box, it will look tidy while still being within reach.

    Carpet Cleaner

    Carpet Cleaner is self-standing with the attached storage box, and can be retracted from both sides of the storage box. You can easily place it in the corner of a room or on a shelf for easy, accessible cleaning.

    Bath Room Tile Brush

    The pointy brushes can reach the joints of tiles, faucets, gutters, window frames, and other narrow areas. The handle fits effortlessly in your hand and is easy to grip, and its angle makes removing dirt simple with ease. The built-in hole allows you to hang it on a hook to drain water.

    Glass Wiper

    Designed with a sponge for wiping and a spatula for water removal. Suitable for cleaning walls, glass surfaces and mirrors, where moisture removal is needed. Separately sold refills for sponge and spatula are available.

    Spot Cleaning Tools

    Spot cleaning tools are ideal for cleaning narrow spaces such as stove and drain. Available in brush, spot brush, sponge and spatula.

    Microfibre Cloth

    Microfiber naturally attracts dust and makes your dusting easier. It can be used for countertops or bathing area cleaning or used together with the flooring mop.

    Aluminium Hanger

    Made of aluminium material that is lightweight, durable and not easy to rust. The hanger has undergone an anodizing process with high resistance to corrosion so that you can use it for long-time outdoor drying.

    Wooden Hanger

    Carefully designed with the shape fit the clothes' shoulder line, maintaining the clothes' original condition.

  • Noon

    Getting dressed for work sets the tone for your day. Wearing shirts made of skin-friendly organic cotton and pair with pants made of stretchy fabrics to make working at home more comfortable. Choose from our wide range of desktop storage items for reference materials and stationery to keep the desk and working area neat and tidy, improving your concentration and efficiency. MUJI’s Instant Food is free of chemical flavouring and easy to prepare. Just add your favourite ingredients before heating up, and you can enjoy homemade lunch without a fuss.

    Organic Cotton Oxford Shirt

    Made of organic cotton in a straight silhouette, it can be worn on its own or as a jacket. Undergone washing process to bring out the natural texture of cotton for a soft touch.

    Organic Cotton 4-Way Stretch Denim Pants

    Stretchable from all directions, the denim fabric stretches following each and every body movement for enhanced wearing comfort.

    Organic Cotton 4-Way Stretch Chino Pants

    4-Way stretch horizontally and vertically for a better fit, bringing enhanced comfort and easy body movement.

    Acrylic Storage

    The highly transparent acrylic material makes it easy to recognise items stored inside for convenient use. Standard modular sizes allow you to customise your own storage system for desktop stationery, jewellery or other accessories.

    MDF Storage

    Made of sturdy and durable wooden material, its warm wooden tone blends in your home living space harmoniously. Available in different types for various purposes including document tray in A4 size, file box in A5 size, drawers for accessories and pen stand, adding this natural style to working desk will enhance your working mood.

    PP File Box

    Useful in keeping your documents and other daily goods neatly, it can be used alone or fitted into storage furniture such as Unit Shelf and Wooden Stacking Shelf.

    Instant Curry

    Through visits to curry origins and reference to local recipes, MUJI brings you a wide range of authentic curry from different parts of the world such as Green, Yellow and Red Curry from Thailand, Butter Chicken Curry and Keema Curry from India, and Japanese and Western-style curry. Enjoy your favourite curry by just heating it with hot water or microwave.

    Instant Pasta Sauce

    Made with reference to family recipes of different countries, these Instant Pasta Sauces bring out the original flavours of ingredients. Heat the pasta sauce with hot water or microwave and mix well with cooked pasta for a quick yet delicious pasta meal.

    Frozen Food

    Created from traditional Japanese dishes or other home dishes from around the world, bringing convenience to daily meal. Available in 7 series, namely "World's Rice", "World Stew", "Japanese Side Dish", "Japanese Fish Dish", "Japanese Dim Sum", “Japanese Meat Dish” and "Home Bakery".

    Instant Soup

    Processed with the freeze-drying procedure, it can be conveniently served by adding hot water. Free of fragrance, chemical flavouring and artificial colouring, allowing you to taste the original flavour of ingredients.

    Soy Meat

    Made with soy protein to bring a healthy alternative to meat. Can be simply heated by microwave or used to replace traditional meat slices when making Japanese grilled meat in ginger sauce.

    Canned Fish

    Fish meats and bones are softened by boiling for easy consumption. The original taste retained while reducing food wastage.

  • Afternoon

    Enjoy MUJI’s delightful Light Confectioneries and Organic Coffee and stay energetic. Relax yourself with Beads Sofa or Cushion to recharge for better efficiency. When going out in the afternoon to prepare for dinner, MUJI’s various lightweight and functional tote bags are your must-have for storing personal belongings and cleaning supplies. The number of rainy days increases in the spring. Using accessories made of water-repellent materials helps you cope with weather changes when going out.

    Light Confectionery

    Each pack contains less than 10g of sugar, allowing you to control sugar intake while enjoying delightful refreshment with varied choices from cakes, cookies, and chocolates.

    Boules De Neige Cookies

    Cookies with almond diced and powdered sugar, which is crunchy and sweet. Served in bite size for easy consumption.

    Organic Coffee

    Blended with organic Arabica coffee beans produced in Colombia and Honduras and is available in four flavours – original, deep roasted original, latte and caffeine-free. A good choice for refreshing.

    Beads Sofa with Cover

    The cover makes use of knitted fabric that does not easily deform, while filled with fine beads to bring good support to the body, making you feel more comfortable when reading or watching TV.


    Available in materials such as cotton blended, polyester and feathers to bring various textures that fit different needs and preferences. Can be matched with linen cushion cover which undergone washing process for an enhanced soft touch.

    Multi Purpose Neck Cushion

    Filled with fine beads to bring good support to your neck and waist for comfortable and relaxed resting time.

    Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

    Made of organic cotton with moderate thickness and firm texture. Two outer pockets on the front for easy storage of sanitary products such as hand sanitiser or wipes.

    Water Repellent Foldable Tote Bag

    A tote bag designed to reduce material wastage during manufacturing process. Made from water-repellent fabric to avoid water-based stains. Can be folded into a small size and fastened with buttons for easy carrying.

    Water Repellent Sakosch

    Lightweight and compact in size, yet large enough to keep essential personal belongings such as mobile phone and wallet.

    Water Repellent Foldable Shopping Cart

    With caster attached, this shoulder bag can be used as a shopping cart. The foldable design of both bag and caster allows easy storage when not in use. Bag surface has undergone water repellent processing for protecting against water-based stains.

    Water Repellent Organic Cotton Comfortable Sneakers

    The insole supports the arch of the foot and enhances wearing comfort. Featured with a water-repellent surface to avoid water-based stains.

    Water Proof Tape Used
    Water Repellent Cap

    Made of water-repellent materials and with waterproof tape attached inside to prevent rainwater from penetrating, making it more comfortable to wear.

  • Nighttime

    After you finish work for the day, use functional and practical kitchen utensils to prepare dinner at ease. With a simple design, MUJI's tableware matches various cuisine for a more appetizing presentation. Pamper yourself with a relaxing bath time to relieve fatigue. Simply select from the four series of Body and Hair Care Items made with various natural plant extracts and moisturising properties based on your hair and skin nourishing needs. Before bed, enjoy a calming natural scnene by dispersing your favourite aroma in bedroom can bring you a good night’s sleep. Choose suitable bed linens and pajamas following season changes to enhance sleeping comfort.

    Stainless Aluminium 3-Layer Cookware

    Made of a 3-layered metal plate which there is an aluminium layer in between two stainless steel layers. It is usable with all heat sources. The handle is made of stainless steel as well. Can be used in the oven.

    Silicone Cooking Utensils

    Made of silicone matsoft to pans and pots.

    Porcelain Tableware

    Made of durable stone material with the surface glazed, a variety of shapes and sizes are available. Ideal for everyday use and matching with different cuisine types.

    Hair and Body Care

    Available in Sensitive Skin Care, Clear Care, Herbal Care and Aging Care series; they are made with various plant extracts and moisturising properties, catering to different hair and skin nourishing needs.

    Bath Care

    Polypropylene Shower Brush has an easy-grip groove and nylon bristles with a long handle, making it ideal for exfoliating and cleaning different body parts; while Stretchy Bath Sponge foams well and stretches to wash your back..

    Base Oil

    Deal with seasonal dryness by applying Base Oil made of 100% botanical extracts on the skin after shower or before sleep for natural moisturising. Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil with light texture are easy to blend and thus suitable to use on the whole body. Olive Oil in thick texture is a good choice for elbow, knees and heels which can help prevent excessive corneum.

    Aroma Diffuser

    Use ultrasonic waves to vaporise water and essential oil to produce a mist and diffuse a room's fragrance. Operation time can be set for 30/60/120/180 minutes. Equipped with a lamp that shines with an ambient glow and has two light settings.

    Essential Oil

    Enjoy the natural scents from essential oils extracted from plants and fruits by using an aroma diffuser. Essential oils with a calming scent such as bergamot, Japanese cypress and lavender help promote relaxation.

    Interior Fragrance Oil

    Available in different scents such as herbal, citrus and floral. Simply pour the fragrance oil into a porcelain container and insert rattan sticks into it, and let the scent to fill up your space.

    Organic Cotton Triple Gauze Bed Linens

    Woven in triple gauze. Air is trapped between the fabric, allowing the sheets to be fluffy and soft. Suitable for all year round.

    Organic Cotton Jersey Bed Linens

    Made with organic cotton with plain stitch, bringing a soft and elastic texture with comfort like wearing daily T-shirts.

    Organic Washed Cotton Bed Linens

    Woven with 100% organic cotton and underwent washing process for an enhanced soft touch.

    Organic Cotton Double Gauze Seamless Pajamas

    Made of organic cotton in double gauze with excellent breathability and absorbency, the pajamas help absorb your sweat as you sleep and provide comfort. The double gauze traps air, bringing lightweight and soft touch for enhanced comfort so you can enjoy a good night's sleep.

    Cotton Basket Weave Eva Sole Slipper

    Cotton material has a good moisture absorption property which helps keep your feet hygienic, while the light and airy texture brings enhanced comfort.

    Organic Cotton Blended Towel

    Made of long-fiber cotton and delicately woven to retain softness even after repeated washings. Available in different thickness, the towels are lightweight and quick-drying, making daily cleaning and replacement easier.