A Comfortable Home

As lifestyle evolves, staying at home has become a normal of daily life. This autumn, organise and clean your home for a neat and spacious living environment that you and your family members would love to spend more time with. Find out how to transform your home into a comfortable one in five ways with MUJI items.

  • Clean regularly

    Set up daily, weekly, and quarterly cleaning schedules according to the usage frequency of different home living areas and daily goods for a consistent cleaning habit. Areas and objects that are frequently contacted or used such as nightstand, floor, and towel tend to accumulate dust and dirt easily and hence daily cleaning is recommended. Choose the appropriate cleaning utilities and store in easily-accessible locations to make cleaning easier and more convenient. This helps increase your cleaning frequency in the end.

    Cleaning Tools

    Simply combine a lightweight pole with seven different attachments such as mop, broom, brush or sponge, and you can clean different areas of your home easily. Use refills to replace the worn attachments so you can keep using the same pole for reducing waste in the long run.

    Spot Cleaning Tools

    Spot cleaning tools are ideal for cleaning narrow spaces such as stove and drain. Available in brush, spot brush, sponge and spatula.

    Dust Bin with Lid

    Can be used on its own or with a lid that can be opened horizontally or vertically. Five capacity options with 0.9L, 3L, 11L, 20L, and 30L are available to fit different spaces.

    Recycled Cotton Colored Trim Kitchen Cloth

    Made of the leftover cotton from garment manufacturing process, the kitchen cloth has good water absorption ability, and is suitable for wiping or cleaning.

    Aluminium Indoor Cloth Drying Rack

    Use AluminiumIndoor Cloth Drying Rack to dry your washed clothes or towels indoor in rainy days. It is foldable so that it will not take up much storage space when not in use.

    Aluminium Hanger

    Made of aluminum material that is lightweight, durable and not easy to rust. The hanger has undergone an anodizing process with high resistance to corrosion so that you can use it for long-time outdoor drying.

  • Store properly

    When we live in the same place longer, we tend to accumulate more possessions in our home since we purchase different daily goods and desirable items such as hobby equipment from time to time while failing to discard those no longer in need. As a result, our living environment becomes cramped, making it more time-consuming to access the items needed and reducing activity space. As autumn is approaching, seize the chance to declutter and re-organize your living space. Start from a small corner of your home, access what you really need and still enjoy based on current lifestyle, whittle down the belongings, and keep the necessities properly in suitable storage units according to their types, shapes, and usage frequency, etc. A decluttered and organized living space will bring you a relaxed mood.

    PP Storage Box

    A wide variety of sizes and styles are available for you to flexibly combine different units together based on your storage needs. By adding castors, the storage case becomes movable. Use together with inner tray for storing small items such as first aid items, home-repair tools and cleaning tools to fully utilise the available space inside the storage box.

    White Gray PP Storage

    White gray style helps maintain the privacy of storage and brings a neat visual effect. Each PP File Box has a finger hole near the bottom for you to retrieve it easily, even if it is placed above your eye level.

    PP Makeup Box

    Available in different depth and width for using alone or stacking with multiple units to cater to your storage needs. Semi-transparent material allows you to identify your belongings quickly.

    PE Storage

    Made from soft polyethylene material which is waterproof and cold-resistant, the storage case can support a wide range of applications such as food storage in refrigerator for keeping refrigerator clean and tidy.

    Acrylic storage

    The highly transparent acrylic material makes it easy to recognise items stored inside for convenient use. Standard modular sizes allow you to customise your own storage system for desktop stationery, jewellery or other accessories.

    MDF Storage

    Made of sturdy and durable wooden material, its warm wooden tone blends in your home living space harmoniously. Available in different types for various purposes including document tray in A4 size, file box in A5 size, drawers for accessories and pen stand, adding this natural style to working desk will enhance your working mood.

  • Arrange furniture in similar colour tones

    Decorating a home with furniture of similar colours can deliver a sense of unity and coordination to keep you feel relaxed at all times. While light-toned furniture makes a space feel bright and inviting, dark-toned furniture is a symbol of elegance and solemnity. Wooden storage furniture is sturdy and durable, and its natural lines and colour variations can blend into any interior style. The true beauty of wood emerges gradually and develops a rich patina that gives every piece of furniture its own personality. A soft lighting can give your space a cozy feel, making stay-home time more comfortable.

    Wooden Living Dining Table
    Wooden Living Dining Chair
    Wooden Living Dining Bench

    A versatile series that is ideal for both living room and dining room. The dining table is available in two lengths – 150cm or 130cm, while the height is only 60cm which makes your living space feel more spacious. The dining chair’s seating surface is wide and comfortable, and you can add armrests to it. Two dining chairs can be connected and used as a sofa. The bench is available in one seat or two seats for your selection according to available space.

    Urethane Pocket Coil Sofa with Cover

    Made of urethane materials for appropriate firmness and support. The position and height of armrests are carefully designed for enhanced comfort while using the sofa. Furniture legs are available in wooden natural, wooden brown and steel black, while covers are available in various materials such as cotton and denim, allowing you to mix and match with your interior style.

    Beads Sofa with Cover

    The cover makes use of knitted fabric that does not easily deform, while filled with fine beads to bring good support to the body, making you feel more comfortable when reading or watching TV.

    Wooden Stacking Shelf
    Wooden Stacking Chest
    Carboard Storage

    Available in oak and walnut wood, Wooden Stacking Shelf is sturdy and durable. It can be expanded vertically and horizontally with a grid of standard modular size, and you can choose different layers for catering various storage needs. Use with Wooden Stacking Chest, Cardboard Drawers, or other storage units to keep your possessions properly for an organised living environment.

    Wooden AV Rack

    Available in three lengths – 90cm, 110cm or 150cm for fitting different available spaces and TV sizes. The shelf height is adjustable and compatible with MUJI storage units. The shelf back has a perforation that allows wires to get through is convenient for placing audio-visual equipment. Drawers are also available for storing audio-visual or game items.

    Wooden Multi Purpose Shelf

    Adopts an open design with an adjustable shelf height. After removing the shelf base and placing it under the shelf, it can be used as a work desk. Space below can also be used to place PP dust bin or other storage units.

    Wooden Chest 4 Layers

    The chest has six drawers of various heights, providing ample capacity for storing different clothes. The top drawers are shallower in height and suitable for storing underwear and socks. The two drawers in the middle have a moderate height, which are ideal for keeping tops such as t-shirts. The drawer at the bottom is the largest, making it easier to keep folded pants so you can identify and pick your pants more easily.

  • Bring in seasonal fabrics

    Fabrics items such as carpets, slippers, towels are what we use every day. As autumn approaches, replace summer fabric items for hygiene as well as seasonal temperament. Items made of natural material such as cotton is soft to the skin with good moisture absorption and breathability so you feel more comfortable when using them. When selecting fabric items, consider basic colours for a harmonious and unified look that you can relax and unwind easily.

    Washed Cotton Quilted Rug

    The fabric has undergone a washing process for a soft and comfy texture. It has good breathability and moisture absorption, suitable for use all year round.

    Cotton Slippers

    The insole is made of soft and light cushioned material, helping to minimize pressure and enhance wearing comfort.

    Organic Cotton Blended Towel

    Made of long-fiber cotton, delicately woven to retain softness even after repeated washings. Thin towels are lightweight and quick-drying, making daily cleaning and replacement easier.

  • Fill your home with natural scent and green

    Spend time at home in the weekend to re-charge from a busy work week. Nature can bring home a calmful and tranquil ambience that helps relieve stress and soothe emotions. Select an essential oil that suits your mood and preference and enjoy the natural scent for relaxation at home. Besides, decorating your home with interior plants not only brings a refreshing mood, it also helps regulate humidity and purify air for a more comfortable home.

    Aroma Diffuser

    Use ultrasonic waves to vaporise water and essential oil to produce a mist and diffuse a fragrance in a room. Operation time can be set for 30/60/120/180 minutes. Equipped with a lamp that shines with an ambient glow and has two light settings.

    Portable Aroma Diffuser

    Functions with a built-in rechargeable battery, the Portable Aroma Diffuser is wireless and allows you to enjoy your favourite scent by diffusing aroma with an effective range of 0.5m. The embedded compact fan allows it to run without water needed.

    Aroma Stone with Plate

    Allows you to enjoy your favourite scent simply by applying 5 to 10 drops of essential oil. The essential oil soaked into the stone will gradually evaporate and spread the scent slowly. Available in white and gray colour.

    Essential Oil

    Enjoy the natural scents from essential oils extracted from plants and fruits by using an aroma diffuser. Essential oils with a calming scent such as tea tree, Japanese cypress, and lavender are especially suitable for autumn.

    Interior Fragrance Oil

    Available in different scents such as herbal, citrus and floral. Simply pour the fragrance oil into a porcelain container and insert rattan sticks into it, and let the scent to fill up your space.

    Interior Green

    Pafcal is used instead of soil, which is easy to handle. Available in Wall-mounted Foliage Plants and Desktop Foliage Green Series. Wall-mounted Foliage Plants allow you to add greens to your wall without hassle. This unique arrangement doesn’t take up indoor space while adorning your room with leaf and lush. Desktop Foliage Green Series are available in Ceramic Pot and Glass Pot, blending into your interior harmoniously.