Everyday Learning

With changes in our lifestyles, where we learn has extended from school to our home – whether it is reading your favourite book in leisure time, browsing information on the Internet, or attending online classes, learning lies in our everyday life. MUJI aspires to develop merchandises to serve daily basic needs in daily living, providing practical items from stationery, household items to apparel to make our everyday learning more efficient and comfortable.

  • Make Your Home an Effective Learning Space

    With diverse learning modes nowadays, learning is no longer limited to traditional schooling. Through appropriate interior planning to achieve a balanced allocation of learning and living area, you can make your home a comfortable learning space while keeping a harmonious living environment. By using storage furniture and items in standard module design to keep learning materials and tools in good order, it helps improving concentration and learning efficiency.

    PP Drawers

    Translucent PP material allows you to recognise the stored items from outside. Available in various styles from desktop size for storing A4 paper to multi-drawers with castors, the PP drawers help keep learning tools of different sizes.

    Compact Steel Cabinet

    Designed in a compact size with castors, the cabinet is compatible with PP File Box, allowing you to gather all learning essentials around your working desk for easy access.

    LED Lighting with Base / Floor Stand

    Switchable between two light colours to protect your vision, including day white for learning and working, and warm white for rest time.

    Working Chair

    Height is adjustable within 39 - 49cm. Compatible with separate armrest for enhanced comfort.

    Unit Shelf Set

    With flexible combination of different boards and accessories, the shelf can be used as a bookshelf, a desk, or a wardrobe. It is also compatible with different storage items to keep your learning essentials in an orderly way.

    Hard Pulp Storage

    Easy to assemble and foldable for storage when not in use. It is recyclable and therefore friendly to the environment.

    PP File Box

    Useful in keeping your documents and other daily goods neatly, it can be used alone or fitted into storage furniture such as Unit Shelf and Wooden Stacking Shelf.

    MDF Storage

    Wooden MDF material is sturdy, durable and not easy to bend. The gentle colour tone allows it to blend in your living environment naturally.

    Acrylic Storage

    The high transparency makes the stored items inside clearly visible and easy to access. The standard modular size allows flexible combination of different units to keep your small and scattered items well organised, leaving sufficient free space on the desktop for learning and work.

  • Improve Learning Efficiency by Useful Tools

    Get yourself suitable learning tools to raise learning efficiency. From writing, note making to document organising, simple and functional stationery takes care of every aspect of learning and brings convenience to home learning.

    Ballpoint Pen Body - Knock Type / Cap Type
    Refill for Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen

    Different kinds of pen bodies and refills are compatible, allowing you to mix and match your own pen and refill anytime for a prolonged use.

    Planted Wood / High Quality Paper Notebook
    Sticky Note

    High Quality Paper has a smooth surface and provides writing comfort, while planted wood paper is made from wood pulp of planned plantation and not easy for ink to penetrate. Choose a suitable size and inner pages and use together with sticky note to develop your own note taking method.

    Filler Paper Notebook
    PP Punched Pockets Refill

    PP Binders of a rich selection of styles and sizes can be used in combination with different kinds of loose leaf paper and punched pockets for filing important documents, name cards, and receipts.

    Notebook Sack

    A set of Nylon Mesh Pouch, A5 Ruled Notebook x 2, Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Cap Type (Black, Blue, Red, Green), Window Highlighter (Yellow), and Planted Wood Paper Sticky Notes

    Schedule Note Set

    A set of TPU Clear Case, A6 Kraft Paper Monthly Planner, and Hexagonal 6-colour Ballpoint Pen

    Binder Sack

    A set of A4 PP 2-Ring Binder, A4 Filler Paper Notebook, EVA Binder Zip Case, Aluminium Ruler, Window Highlighter (Yellow, Green), and PP Gel Ink Pen (Black) x 2

    Highlighter Set

    A set of Nylon Mesh Case with Pocket and Window Highlighter (Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue)

    Pen Case Sack

    A set of EVA Tarpaulin Square Pen Case, Acrylic Ruler, PC Mechanical Pencil, Eraser (S), Word Card and Hexagonal Mini Water-based Twin Pen 10-color Pack

    White Stationery Set

    A set of PP Pen Case (L), Window Highlighter (Yellow), Triangular 2-colour Ballpoint Pen with Mechanical Pencil, Correction Pen, Polycarbonate Portable Stapler, and Eraser (S)

  • Make Good Use of Stay-home Time

    Develop hobbies beyond study and work to get new inspirations and live a fruitful life. Set a clear and reachable goal and build a self-learning habit in everyday life by planning your schedule and tracking learning progress using a schedule book. Self-learning requires concentration and self-motivation. Apart from establishing a learning mode that fits you the most, you may also use appropriate outfit, aroma, and drinks to help increase your concentration level and make learning time more enjoyable.

    Monthly Weekly Planner

    Consists of full year plan, monthly pages, weekly pages and free note grids that allow you to plan your goals by time and record the progress. Also available in vertical weekly pages for schedule planning by hour.

    PC Case

    The adjustable rubber band allows the PC case to open and hold the same angle with the PC without taking the PC out, bringing convenience anywhere.

    Canvas Basket with Handle

    Attached with handles for carrying items around. Use it to keep all needed tools for the same learning purpose and have quick access in one go whenever needed. It helps reduce preparation time and raise efficiency.

    Organic Cotton Shirt

    Getting changed before learning or working at home helps create a sense of ceremony and gets you ready for video meetings anytime. Organic Cotton Shirt is available in various styles including double gauze, washed cotton, oxford and seersucker etc., and it is soft and gentle to the skin for all-day comfort.

    Blended Essential Oil - Refreshing
    Aroma Stone with Plate

    A blend of lemon, lime, and eucalyptus to give a refreshing scent whenever you need a clear mind and concentration. Enjoy the fragrance by simply applying a few drops onto an aroma stone.

    Organic Coffee

    Uses Arabica coffee beans from Colombia and Honduras. Available in coffee beans, ground coffee, and drip coffee, and each offers 4 flavours including original, dark roast, latte, and caffeine-less. Enjoy a cup of coffee to get revitalised for learning.


    Prepare an easily visible clock on desk, shelf, or the wall. It does not only help manage your time, but also avoid being distracted by checking time on phone.


    Inspired by the design of clocks at stations, parks, and streets, the watch has a simple and clear dial for easy reading of time. Driven by solar energy, it can be charged by sunlight or indoor lighting.

    Nylon Mesh Case

    Made of lightweight nylon mesh material, allowing you to easily recognise what’s inside. Available in different sizes, and some styles come with an inner pocket for storing small items.

  • Building a Healthy Living Habit

    Start a healthy lifestyle from improving dining and living habit. Quality sleep, sufficient exercise and balanced nutrition help improve memory and concentration. Have proper rest in between study and work by taking quick naps or refreshments. It makes you more energetic and efficient for learning.

    Heatproof Glass Pitcher
    Soda Lime Stackable Glass Set of 3

    Drink water regularly to maintain a good metabolism for health. You can also prepare homemade cold brewed tea and fruit tea to freshen up your mind.

    Light Confectionery

    Each pack contains less than 10g of sugar, allowing you to control sugar intake while enjoying delightful refreshment with varied choices from cakes, cookies, and chocolates.

    Juice with Herbs

    Using herbs to enrich the flavour of juice. Various combinations of vegetables, fruits, and herbs are available to bring you a refreshing taste like a freshly-made salad. Free of artificial flavouring and colouring, it brings out the original flavour of ingredients.

    MUJI WALKER Apparel

    Maintain the habit of exercising at home to keep energetic and healthy. MUJI Walker Apparels have high breathability and sweat-absorbance to keep you comfy during exercise. Besides exercise wear, they also make comfortable casual wear or home wear.

    Men’s / Ladies’ Shock Absorbing Sneakers

    Get a pair of protective shoes for home exercise. Shock Absorbing Sneakers are composed of soft knitted shoe tongue, thickened heel, and cushioned insole to relieve pressure towards the heel for bringing comfort during exercise. Available in a high-cut style for better ankle protection.

    Ladies' Silk Mix French Sleeves T-Shirt with Cup

    Made of silk mixed cotton and consists of a cotton inner layer for a smooth, soft touch, and good breathability. The removable cup allows convenient washing especially in summer.

    Organic Cotton Triple Gauze Bed Linen

    Quality sleep is essential for good learning ability, creativity, and memory. Triple Gauze Bed Linen has a soft and comfortable touch that gives you a good night’s sleep. The duvet cover can be used as a blanket in summer.

    Selected Rucksack

    Made of water-repellent polyester or nylon to prevent water-based dirt, and provides sufficient storage volume including a PC partition.

    Sealing Up Preservation Container
    Enameled Food Storage Container

    Keep food ingredients and homemade dishes in containers with valve to help prevent leakage of odour and liquid. The resin type is microwave-safe while the enamel type can be used in oven.

  • MUJI BOOKS 書籍推薦

    生活是一種學習,只要細心觀察,隨時隨地也能透過接觸不同的人與物,從中了解自己,累積生活智慧和經驗,讓自己持續成長。MUJI BOOKS 以「生活學習」為主題,為大家挑選出多款幫助自我增值的書籍,讓大家Make Good Use of Stay-home Time,從書中找出適合自己的成長之道。











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