Since the establishment in 1980, MUJI has been developing products based on three core principles – material selection, process streamlining, and packaging simplification. Through continuous review of product development process, MUJI aspires to offer daily necessities at more affordable, reasonable prices, serving the basic needs of everyday life.

Selected Bed Linens

Cotton Jersey / Cotton Washed Series
HK$55 – HK$420 ➞
HK$55 – HK$380

Cotton Triple Gauze / Cotton High Density / Cotton Lyocell Pile / Lyocell Linen Plain Weave Series
HK$75 – HK$580 ➞
HK$65 – HK$450

The above original prices were effective until 31st May 2021.

Falling Asleep Comfortably

MUJI’s Bed Linens are made from natural materials by different knitting methods. Select pillow case, fitted sheet and duvet cover based on your favourite fabric texture, and change regularly to enjoy a good night’s sleep every day. All the following series are suitable for use all year round.

Cotton Jersey

Features a soft touch with moderate stretchiness, bringing you comfort that feels like wearing a t-shirt.

Washed Cotton

The fabric has undergone washing process to ensure softness from the beginning of use.

Cotton Triple Gauze

Woven in triple gauze to trap air between fabric layers for a soft, fluffy touch. Duvet cover can be used as a thin blanket.

Cotton High Density

Made from long staple cotton with reference to bed linens commonly used in hotels for a silky touch and natural gloss.

Cotton Lyocell Pile

Extracts from eucalyptus trees are blended into piles to give the fabric a good moisture-wicking ability and a dry, comfortable touch.

Lyocell Linen Plain Weave

Extracts from eucalyptus trees are blended with linen to bring a dry, cool touch to the fabric.