With ever-changing lifestyles, study space is no longer limited to indoor areas, and any place can be a personal study space. A tidy and comfortable learning environment can enhance efficiency and allow learners to enjoy their study time. MUJI offers a wide range of practical and versatile learning tools for learners to create their own study space according to their personal learning style and habits.

  • Interior Furnishing

    With the increasing diversity of lifestyles, home has become a common space for learning and living. Furnish your home to create a comfortable and tidy study space, and enjoy an efficient and pleasant study experience at home.

    Oak Wood Desk with Drawers

    Features with drawers for storing notebook and stationery. It can be used with Oak Wood Cabinet or Desk Top Shelf to increase storage space. A neat desktop will bring you better learning efficiency.

    Oak Wood Foldable Table

    The foldable design makes storage easy and saves storage space. It can be used as a work desk or a dining table. Available in two sizes.

    Wooden Cloth Seat Round Chair

    The wide chair back and cushion seat with well-designed curve brings learners better seating comfort while studying for long hours.

    Wooden Stacking Chest

    It can be used on its own or in combination by stacking or grouping multiple units side by side. Available in different compartments for storing items of different shapes such as stationery, study materials or other household items.

    Wooden Stacking Shelf

    Designed in modular size with various layers and widths available, you can extend the shelf vertically or horizontally to form a bookshelf or home partition, creating a practical and comfortable study space.

    Steel Cabinet

    Simple and practical cabinet to provide centralised storage for stationery and books, making it easy to access your study needs.


    Placing a clock on desk, bookshelf or wall to make time clearly visible can help enhance your concentration and study efficiency.

    Acrylic Frame

    Displaying your favourite photos in an acrylic frame on desk, book shelf or wall can bring personal touch to your study space for a pleasant mood.

    Interior Fragrance Oil

    Scent your study space with Interior Fragrance Oil to help you stay calm and relaxed. Available in herbal, floral and citrus scents.

  • Desktop Storage

    Keeping your stationery and documents orderly placed makes everything well organised and easy to access, so you can feel more pleasant when studying. Entering into new academic year, keep your desktop spacious and tidy by using storage items will help you better concentrate on your studies.

    Acrylic Storage

    The high transparency allows identifying and accessing items easily. Designed in modular size, Acrylic Storage Units can be used in a variety of combinations to neatly sort and keep stationery and scattered items, increasing the sense of space of your desk.

    Acrylic 3-Drawer Storage Case

    High transparency allows you to distinguish what’s inside and access items easily. The case is stackable for neatly storing learning essentials. Maximum no. of layers when stacking: 2 layers

    Acrylic Stand for Glasses

    Transparent storage case with 4 layers of drawers that can store glasses and small items. Can be placed vertically or horizontally by altering the direction of the drawers.

    Acrylic Smartphone Stand

    Accessory holder made from transparent acrylic material. Also functions as a mobile phone stand.

    Acrylic Stackable Desktop Box

    Can be used with Acrylic Stackable Desktop Box to create a neat and tidy study area, or used as single tray or lid.

    Acrylic Rack

    Slanted divider design makes storing and accessing items easy. Suitable for keeping scattered items for a tidy desktop.

    Acrylic Partition Shelf

    Can be used to display small items. With just a little efort, you can create a small display area for your personal collections or favourites on your desktop to enrich your study space.

    Other Storage Items

    PP File Box

    It helps to store learning tools of different sizes in a neat and organised way. Available in semi-transluent and white gray color.

    PP Carry Box with Partition

    Keep and arrange items such as tools and stationery. Convenient for bringing necessary things along when moving to different study places.

    PP Desk Organizer

    Attached with adjustable partition which allows you to keep small and scattered items well organised on the desktop or inside the drawer. Available in 4 sizes.

    MDF Storage

    Wooden MDF material is sturdy, durable and not easy to bend. The gentle colour tone allows it to blend in your living environment naturally.

    Steel Divider

    Made of strong and durable material. It is convenient to keep and access study materials on desktop, helping to enhance learning efficiency.

    Styrene Divider

    Features 3 partitions for keeping books and documents in an orderly way. The width of each partition is around 83mm.

  • Stationery

    Make learning easier and more convenient by having the right tools aside. From writing, planning schedules, organising notes to handling paperwork, MUJI’s stationery is designed to take care of every aspect of learning.

    Nylon Mesh Pen Case

    Made of light-weight nylon with different sizes and types available, allowing stationery and small accessories stored inside to be seen and arranged easily.

    PP Expanding File Organizer

    The translucent sortable accordion file helps users to easily identify and access the documents carrying inside.

    Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen – Cap Type

    The availability of a variety of colors helps to make colorful notes easily for enhancing learning memory.

    Selected Stationery Set

    Highlighter Twin Pack

    Includes a set of Window Highlighters (yellow, orange, pink, green, blue)

    The small window on the pen tip makes it easier and more convenient to use.

    Felt Pen Set

    Includes Nylon Mesh Pouch with Pocket, Unbleached Pocket Tissue, Felt Pen x10

    Schedule Note Sack

    Includes Nylon Mesh Pouch with Pocket, PP Gel Ink Pen (red), Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens Cap Type (black x2, blue x2), Schedule Note

    Binder Sack

    Includes A4 PP 2-Ring Binder, A4 Filler Paper Notebook, EVA Binder Zip Case, Aluminium Ruler, Window Highlighters (yellow, green), PP Gel Ink Pens (black x2)

    Notebook Sack

    Includes Nylon Mesh Small Item Case, A5 Notebook x2, Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens Cap Type (black, blue, red, green), Window Highlighters, Planted Wood Sticky Note

    Business Stationery (Black / Gray)

    Includes Cushion Case with Snaps (Black/ Gray), Aluminium Card Holder (Thick), Aluminium Hexagonal Ball Pen

  • Mobile Accessories

    As life becomes more mobile, study spcae can be everywhere. MUJI offers a wide range of practical on-the-go items to make study and work more flexible and efficient.

    Polyester Backpack

    Made of lightweight polyester with a special design on shoulder pads that relieves shoulder pressure brought by heavy belongings and long hours of use. Multi-partition design makes it suitable for carrying books, laptops and accessories to set up a mobile study space.

    Paraglider Cloth Foldable Tote Bag

    Made of water-repellent materials to protect against water-based stains for use in rainy days. Large enough to carry different learning tools. It can be folded while not in use.

    Canvas Rectangular Basket with Handle

    Coating is added to the inner side of fabric for increased durability. With handle, it is convenient to carry learning tools around for whom often go out to study.

    PC Case

    Features elastic band to fix the laptop’s position, allowing you to move and work in different spaces at ease. The additional pockets provide storage options for storing study materials such as stationery, documents or accessories.

    Nylon Mesh Bag Organizer

    Made of lightweight, durable nylon mesh material, you can identify what is stored inside easily. Features useful compartments for storing on-the-go essentials in an organised way.

    Cushion Case with Snaps

    Made of lightweight cushioned pads to protect electronic devices kept inside.

    PP Pen Case
    PP Case for Glasses and Small Articles

    Made of lightweight, durable polypropylene. It is portable and suitable for storing stationery, glasses or small articles.

    EVA Slider Zipper Bag

    Features a zipper, suitable for keeping small items. You can use it to store spare masks when going out to study.

    Nylon Mesh Pouch with Pocket

    Made of lightweight, durable nylon mesh material, it allows things stored inside to be seen and arranged easily. Attached with an inner pocket for storing scattered accessories and easy carying around.

    All Weather Light Collapsible Umbrella

    Made from fabric that blocks UV rays, making it capable to keep off sun or rain. It is portable and convenient for learners to carry around.

    PE Bottle with Cap

    Made of soft resin so you can squeeze out content easily. Available in 12ml, 18ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes for containing sanitizer, making personal care more effortless when you are on the go.

    Low Noise USB Desk Fan

    This compact fan features improved double reverse blades that give better airflow with low noise. It is rechargeable via USB port. Simply place it on your desk to create a breezy environment so you can concentrate on your study or work easily.