MUJI’s Daily Wear is made of seasonal fabrics with the simple design and natural colours, providing you freshness and comfort during summer. Airy and cool bed linen and fabric with seasonal household items brings coolness into your home. Keep your skin in an optimal condition with MUJI’s personal care and anti-UV makeup items during the seasonal change.

Fresh Summer Look

Wear summer basic wear made of linen and organic cotton to feel the comfort from the natural materials. Linen apparels are soft to touch and comfortable to wear, suitable for wearing it when the temperature climbs up. Organic Cotton T-Shirts are made in different weaving methods to bring a greater variety in daily coordination. You can also decorate your summer outfit with practical accessories.

Adorn your wardrobe with basic wear made of linen and organic cotton. Linen is airy and breezy, particularly suitable for hot weathers. Organic tees have different texture due to different weaving methods, making them flexible in coordination in accordance to various weather conditions.

Breezy Linen Material

Linen has natural heat and moisture-wicking properties, which makes it perfect to wear in summer. Linen becomes suppler and more durable through handling. Make use of different items such as linen outer, shirt, blouse and wide pants in mild seasonal colours to freshen up this summer.


Cotton Yarn T-Shirts are made by yarns of different thickness. Pique polo shirts are durable and available in plain colours and pattern. Organic Cotton T-Shirts are soft and breathable, underwent washed process for extra comfort. MUJI WALKER apparel are made of stretchable polyester which is durable, quick drying and comes with anti-UV functions Can be worn during daily workout or as part of your everyday coordination.

Summer Accessories

Embellish your summer coordination with Raffia and Jute accessories. The Raffia Fedora Hat is handwoven from natural fibres of the coconut plant in Madagascar. The special design of Jute Wrap Sandals’ insole makes it comfortable, durable and suitable for hot weathers. Bring along with the Blue-Blocking Oval Clear Sunglasses to cope with the hot sun and ad-hoc weather changes during summer.

Summer Home Living

MUJI’s home fabrics for the summer are made of linen and organic cotton, soft seasonal colours add a sense of serenity to your home. Let the Low Noise Circulator Fan bring some breeze into your home and the scent of our essential oils to waft through your personal space.

Home Fabrics

MUJI summer Home fabrics comes in different weaving methods, bringing coolness to your home interior. Seersucker Bed Linen has an uneven surface, minimizing the contact points with your skin, providing good air circulation. Linen Plain Weave Bed Linen has good heat and moisture-wicking ability and keeps you cool during the summer months. Triple Gauze fabric has 3 layers which trap air in-between, allowing you to be cool in the summer and warm during winter. Rug and Slippers are made of natural Igusa without dyeing, however, the colour changes with use, presenting the igusa’s natural touch.

Home Accessories

The improved blades of the Circulator Fan allows it to provide a high-speed breeze quietly, enhancing the indoor air circulation, bringing coolness to your home. MUJI’s 100% pure essential oil are originated from plants and fruits, creating a natural scenery at home with our Aroma diffusers. Enjoy the summer from desserts and drinks in our transparent glassware that are both refreshing to the eyes and the taste buds.

Summer Skincare

MUJI skincare items uses water that comes from caves deep in the mountains of Japan in combination with natural botanical extracts, hydrating and relieving your skin. Sensitive Skincare Series with non-irritating formula pampers your delicate skin in between seasons. Clear Care Series has brought together 4 kinds of moisturising fruit extracts with refreshing citrus aroma and lightweight texture. Protect your skin with our anti-UV makeup items to reduce damage from sunlight.

Sensitive Skin Care

Combines natural botanica ingredients such as grapefruit seed and purslane extract, together with moisturising ingredients such as Lipidure® and Sodium Hyaluronate, helping to hydrate your delicate skin.

Clear Care

Infused with 4 kinds of moisturising fruit extracts such as Yamagata Grapes, Clear Care helps revitalize skin by minimizing pores, refining skin texture and maintaining sebum balance. In addition to basic care, the series also includes Clear Care Pre-lotion and Clear Care Acne Essence that help improve skin condition by gently exfoliating and helps to prevent acne.

Anti-UV Makeup Items

Anti-UV makeup items are made of moisturising ingredients from plants for a natural no-makeup look and protect your skin from the ultraviolet light. Bring along with MUJI’s wipes to cater to different needs for outdoor activities.

Selected Summer Daily Goods Offers

From now till 16th June 2019, customers are entitled to discount offers on below selected Items while stock lasts.

Men’s Polo Shirt
Original Price: HK$165 - HK$250
Special Offer: 20% off
Ladies' ONE SIZE Wear
Original Price: HK$280 - HK$580
Special Offer: 20% off
Men's & Ladies’ Linen Wear
Original Price: HK$250 - HK$680
Special Offer: 20% off
Men's & Ladies' MUJI WALKER
Original Price: HK$125 - HK$350
Special Offer: 20% off
Linen Cotton Grid Seersucker Bed Linen
Original Price: HK$95 - HK$680
Special Offer: 20% off on purchase of Duvet Cover, Fitted Sheet and Pillow Case together
Linen Plain Weave Bed Linen
Original Price: HK$100 - HK$950
Special Offer: 20% off on purchase of Duvet Cover, Fitted Sheet and Pillow Case together
Organic Cotton Waffle Towel
Original Price: HK$40 - HK$200
Special Offer: 10% off
Jersey Knitted Soft Slipper
Original Price: HK$65
Special Offer: 20% off
Aroma Diffuser
Original Price: HK$490 - HK$790
Special Offer: 20% off
Essential Oil
Original Price: HK$90 - HK$480
Special Offer: 20% off
Glass Tableware
Original Price: HK$16 - HK$145
Special Offer: 10% off
Selected Make-up
Original Price: HK$30 - HK$128
Special Offer: 20% off