Pleasant Summer Life 輕鬆外遊

Easy, Comfortable Outing

Go out of home for a light hiking, beach picnic or hotel staycation to enjoy sunshine and stay rejuvenated. Select on-the-go items based on your outing needs for a cool, comfortable summer.

  • Light Hiking

    As long as you pick the right tree-lined trails, you can enjoy summer hikes for natural scernery and good vibe.

    Men’s / Ladies’ MUJI WALKER Wear

    Made of polyester for stretchiness and a light, soft touch, MUJI WALKER Wear brings enhanced airy comfort when wearing in summer.

    Men’s / Ladies’ MUJI WALKER UV Protection Zip Hoody

    Unisex style. Made of polyester with UPF 50+ function, protecting against UV rays for daytime activities. Suitable for ldoing light exercise or hanging out in summer.

    Men's / Ladies’ Cotton Smooth Innerwear

    The series is woven with yarns of different inner and outer density for better moisture absorption and emission. The fibres transmit moisture to the fabric surface to accelerate evaporation so you can feel dry and cool even in summer. The seamless design adds extra wearing comfort.

    Water Repellent Hat

    Made of water repellent material and designed with an inner waterproof tape to prevent water from leaking in during rainy days.

    Pocketable Rain Coat

    Made of lightweight, water repellent material. Can be folded and stored in the pocket while not in use.

    Cotton Waffle Thin Face Towel

    Made of waffle fabric with an uneven surface that creates a space between the fabric surface and skin to keep you feel breezy. Bring a face towel to wipe off sweat and keep refreshed when go hiking.

    Tag Tool

    Bring along a compass when go hiking for safety. It can be put into the silicone case for easy tagging on a backpack. Available in 12 tools such as LED Light and Pedometer for catering different needs.

    Tag Tool Silicone Case

    Silicone Case for Tag Tools. It is an item designed for convenient outings. Available in 5 colours.

    S-Shaped Hook

    Handy for hanging items such as bags and clothes. Use it in “O” ring mode to attach a plastic bag for storing trash and keeping the countryside clean.

    Sanitizing Wipes

    Contains alcohol, removes dirt and keeps hygienic. The resealable, compact pacakge makes it convenient to carry for outdoor activities.

    Refreshing Body Wipes

    Contains alcohol, removes sweat and brings a refreshing feel to the body. Ideal for use after outdoor activity.

    Facial Care Wipes

    Alcohol-free, hydrates your skin after facial cleansing and brings a refreshing feel.


    Regardless of uneven shapes, the deliciousness of different baumkuchen cakes remains the same. Available in more than 15 flavours. Ideal as a handy snack for hiking or picnicking.

    Pochigashi Series

    Available in candies, squid snacks, cookies and rice crackers. The compact package makes it convenient to carry for outdoor activities.

    Herbs Vegetable and Fruit Juice

    Added with herbs for a refreshing salad-like taste and free of artificial flavourings and colourings to bring you the natural flavours of vegetables and fruits. Available in Banana Mango & Turmeric, Orange Carrot & Ginger, Strawberry Beet & Thyme, and Apple Grape & Cinnamon flavours. Taste better refrigerated.