A Pleasant Outdoor Summer

Plan your favourite weekend outings and expose yourself to sunlight to unwind your body and mind. MUJI offers a wide variety of practical on-the-go essentials so you can make each outing a comfortable, relaxing one. From now until 14th August, enjoy special offers on selected items at MUJI stores and designated online store.

  • Outdoor Picnic

    Enjoy a weekend picnic with family and friends over delicious snacks and drinks for relaxation.

    PP Sturdy Storage Box

    Original Price:HK$120 – HK$250

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Provides voluminous storage space for food, tableware, and all you need for a picnic. The lid design has been improved for better use as a table or a stool.

    PE Picnic Sheet

    Original Price:HK$32 / HK$40

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Made from durable polyethylene material. Attached with a rubber band, it is foldable for easy storage. Available in two sizes with a length of 60cm or 120cm.

    PE Picnic Sheet Bag

    Original Price:HK$80

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    The material is lightweight and easy to clean. After unzipping, it has a length of 170cm and can be used as a picnic sheet.

    PP Food Storage Container

    Original Price:HK$22 – HK$65

    Special Price:2 pcs or above 10% OFF (HK$20 – HK$59 / pc)

    Made from lightweight polypropylene material, the containers are suitable for storing picnic food. Also available in round shape for storing soups.

    Enameled Food Storage Container

    Original Price:HK$80 – HK$145

    Special Price:2 pcs or above 10% OFF (HK$72 – HK$131 / pc)

    When tightly sealed, the valve of the lid can prevent odour and liquid leakage, making the containers ideal for storing picnic food.

    Sealing Up Preservation Container

    Original Price:HK$38 – HK$90

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Made from lightweight, heat and cold resistant material used for medical equipment. Its transparency allows easy identification of what’s stored inside.

    Stainless Steel Insulated bottle

    Original Price:HK$98 – HK$138

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Able to keep drinks cold. Bring along your favourite iced drink when going out to stay refreshed.

    My Bottle for Water

    Original Price:HK$15

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    The compact size allows it to be easily kept inside a small crossbody bag. Bring your own water bottle when going out to replenish water at any time while protecting the environment.

    Nylon Cutlery Set

    Original Price:HK$48 – HK$55

    Special Price:2 pcs or above 10% OFF (HK$44 – HK$50 /pc)

    Made from resin, it is lightweight, durable, and easy to wash. Bring your own reusable cutlery when going picnic for environmental protection.

    Frozen Rice Ball

    Original Price:HK$32-HK$48

    優惠價:兩件或以上九折 (平均每件HK$44 / HK$50)

    Free of fragrance, chemical flavouring and artificial colouring to bring out the original flavour of ingredients. Simply reheat and enjoy.

    French Jura Cheese Potato Chips

    Original Price:HK$30

    優惠價:兩件或以上九折 (平均每件HK$44 / HK$50)

    Made with French potatoes and roasted with Jura Cheese for a crispy texture and rich flavour.

    Powder Tea Earl Grey / Green Tea

    Original Price:HK$32

    優惠價:兩件或以上九折 (平均每件HK$44 / HK$50)

    Dissolvable in cold water for an aromatic, refreshing iced tea. Each pack contains 10 servings.

  • City Tour

    Style with comfortable daily wear for your favourite look, and join a day tour to rediscover the charm of our city.

    Men’s / Ladies’ Cotton Short Sleeves T-Shirt

    Original Price:HK$75 – HK$100

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Designed with four different knitting methods including Jersey, Heavy Weight Jersey, Slub and Interlock to bring different thickness and textures. Select T-shirt according to your styling preferences and needs.

    Men’s / Ladies’ Linen Short Sleeves Wear & Bottoms

    Original Price:HK$250 – HK$350

    Special Price:20% OFF (HK$200-HK$280)

    Linen is durable, supple natural material that becomes softer the more you wash and wear them. This summer, let the breezy linen tops, dresses and pants embrace you for a natural comfort.

    Organic Cotton Water Repellent Comfortable Sneakers

    Original Price:HK$195

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    The insole supports the arch of the foot for enhanced wearing comfort. The surface is water-repellent, protecting against water-based stains.

    Organic Cotton Mix Right Angle Sneaker-In Socks

    Original Price:HK$25

    Special Price:HK$98 / 4pcs

    Made from cotton mixed material, the socks naturally fit the contour of your feet and hold firm. The moisture-wicking property helps keep your feet dry and comfortable all day.

    Wave Sole Adjustable Strap Sandals

    Original Price:HK$150

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Features a cushioned and wavy sole for stable support and wearing comfort.

    Organic Cotton Mix Right Angle Socks

    Original Price:HK$25

    Special Price:HK$98 / 4pcs

    Shaped to fit the angle and natural contour of your feet so that the socks won’t slip easily. Wear with sandals for an elevated summer look.

    Jute My Bag

    Original Price:HK$20 – HK$30

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Made from undyed jute, a fast-growing plant which is environmentally friendly. Available in B5, A4 and A3 sizes for convenient use.

    Polyester Backpack

    Original Price:HK$280

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Features a multi-partition design for carrying on-the-go essentials in an organized way. Also available in a 2-way style usable as a backpack or a shoulder bag.

    Raffia Foldable Hat

    Original Price:HK$380 – HK$450

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Handmade with raffia. Adjustable hat size for wearing comfort. Blocks more than 90% of UV rays.

    French Linen Scarf With Pocket

    Original Price:HK$85

    Special Price:20% OFF (HK$68)

    Made from French linen, it has a breezy, soft touch with UV protection property.

    Polyester Light Weight All Weather Foldable Umbrella

    Original Price:HK$125

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Made from fabric that blocks 93% of UV rays, making it ideal for keeping off sun or rain. It is easy to carry around with a total weight of 161g and a length of 22.5cm when folded.

    Organic Cotton Bleach Tenugui

    Original Price:HK$30 – HK$75

    Special Price:2pcs or above 20% OFF (HK$24-$60)

    Features a light, soft texture for wiping hands to reduce the use of paper towels.

  • Light Hiking

    Take a walk or hike in the nature with your friends to enjoy the natural scenery for a refreshed, delightful mood.

    MUJI WALKER Unisex Wear

    Original Price:HK$125 / HK$180

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Made from polyester for stretchiness, the series features a light, soft touch and moisture wicking property for a breezy wearing comfort.

    MUJI WALKER Unisex Quick Dry UPF50+ Zip Up Hoody

    Original Price:HK$180

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Made from polyester with UPF 50+ function, protecting against UV rays for daytime activities. Suitable for light hiking in summer.

    Organic Cotton Poplin Short Pants

    Original Price:HK$150

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Made from fabric commonly used for shirts, bringing a soft, comfortable touch to the skin and enhanced wearing comfort. Available in different colours for easy summer styling.

    Men’s / Ladies’ Breathable Organic Cotton Innerwear

    Original Price:HK$68

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Woven with yarns of different inner and outer density for better moisture absorption and emission, bringing you a breezy, dry touch.

    Men’s / Ladies’ Shock Absorbing Sneakers

    Original Price:HK$250

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Features a cushioned and shock-absorbing insole to release pressure for enhanced comfort when walking, jogging or hiking.

    Water Repellent Hat

    Original Price:HK$180 – HK$280

    Special Price:20% OFF (HK$144 – HK$224)

    Made from water repellent material and designed with an inner waterproof tape to prevent water from leaking in during rainy days. Available in style with removable strap, making it suitable for hiking use.

    Water Repellent Sacoche

    Original Price:HK$85 – HK$100

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Lightweight and compact in size, yet large enough to keep essential personal belongings such as mobile phone and wallet. The fabric surface is water repellent, protecting it against water-based stains.

    Quick Dry UPF50+ Neck Gaiter

    Original Price:HK$65

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Features UPF 50+ UV protection property for face and neck skin when enjoying hiking.

    Wrap and Tie Long Extra Thin Towel Set of 2pcs

    Original Price:HK$40

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    With a length of 110 cm, this towel can be wrapped and tied around the head or neck. Made from highly absorbent pile material on one side and a plain weave on the other side to enhance its quick-drying property. Ideal for use while on the go.


    Original Price:HK$15

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Available in various flavours such as banana, cocoa and sweet potato. A handy snack for hiking or picnic.

    Pochigashi Series

    Original Price:HK$10

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Available in candies, squid snacks, cookies and rice crackers. The small packaging size makes it convenient to bring alone for outings.

    Caffeine-Free Tea

    Original Price:HK$10

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Available in various flavours such as black soybeans, corn, barley and lemongrass for a refreshing, aromatic flavour.

  • Hotel Staycation

    Wear and pack lightly for a hotel staycation and enjoy a relaxing, carefree stay like being at home.

    Hard Carry Suitcase With Stopper 20L

    Original Price:HK$880

    Special Price:HK$580

    Made from 100% lightweight yet durable polycarbonate. The 20L size is suitable for keeping clothes and on-the-go essentials for a two-day staycation.

    Paraglider Cloth Case

    Original Price:HK$38 – HK$128

    Special Price:2 pcs or above 10% OFF (HK$35 – HK$116 / pc)

    Made from lightweight, durable paraglider fabric for keeping on-the-go essentials in an organized way. Designed in modular size that fits well with the Hard Carry Suitcase.

    Nylon Mesh Case for Clothes

    Original Price:HK$128

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Simply keep your used clothes in it and put it straight into your washing machine, making laundry easier after returning from staycation.

    Nylon Mesh Bag Organizer

    Original Price:HK$78 – HK$128

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Made from lightweight, durable nylon mesh material, you can identify what’s stored inside easily. Featured with useful compartments for storing personal items in an organized way.

    EVA Hanging Case

    Original Price:HK$85

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Made from EVA material for easy cleaning and moisture removal. The case comes with a hook so you can hang it on a bathroom wall, making it ideal for organizing personal care items.

    TPU Pouch

    Original Price:HK$32 / HK$42

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Made from TPU material for easy cleaning and moisutre removal. This pouch is self-standing so it is convenient for use around wash basin.

    Ladies' Organic Cotton Jersey Side Seamless Short Sleeves Loungewear Set

    Original Price:HK$128

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Soft to the touch and designed without side seams to prevent disruptions or discomfort for enhanced wearing comfort.

    Cotton Pile Face Towel Medium Thick

    Original Price:HK$38 / HK$58

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Features a soft touch, moderate thickness, and good moisture absorption. When staying in a hotel, stay hygienic by laying a clean towel over the pillow to sleep on.

    Essential Oil (10ml)

    Original Price:HK$88 – HK$168

    Portable Aroma Diffuser

    Original Price:HK$280

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Enjoy the natural scent of essential oils extracted from plants and fruits by using the Portable Aroma Diffuser, which can be used with a USB power supply for a relaxing time.

    Bath Salt (30g)

    Original Price:HK$5

    Special Price:2pcs or above 10% OFF (HK$4.5 / pc)

    The soft scent allows you to enjoy a soothing moment while moisturizing your skin. Available in milk, yuzu, lemongrass, and lavender flavours.

    Portable Sensitive Skin Care (50ml)

    Original Price:HK$22 – HK$35

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    The series provides gentle care to sensitive skin easily irritated by sunlight and dryness, and helps restore skin to a moist and healthy condition. Available in 50ml size for portability.

    PE Bottle with Cap

    Original Price:HK$7 – HK$12

    新價格HK$150 / HK$180

    Made from soft resin for squeezing out the content easily. Available in 12ml, 18ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes so you can bring along different face and body care items and perform your skincare routine at the hotel easily.

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