A Towel You Can Use Everyday

Made of 100% organic cotton. Highly absorbent with gentle texture, making it suitable for daily use.
  • ① Gentle Texture

    As towels are used every day and come into direct contact with skin, MUJI uses long staple, strong cotton threads as material, and carefully considers the weaving and sewing processes to ensure that the towels remain soft even after several washes for comfort.

  • ② Your Choice of Thickness

    Comes with three different thicknesses for various uses. The thin type is lightweight and quick-drying, the medium-thick type has a moderate thickness and good absorbency, and the thick type has a firm texture and high absorbency.

  • ③ Towels with Further Options

    Some towels come with lines for cutting, allowing you to reuse them easily for other purposes by cutting the towel into pieces of bath mats or wiping cloths after it is worn out.

  • Available in Various Sizes

Portable Size for Carrying Around

Hand Towel (34x35cm)

Designed with a loop for for easy hanging in difference places.

Easy-to-use Size

Face Towel (34×85cm)

Can be used to gently wipe the face and hands after washing, or to dry the body and hair after taking a bath.

Size Suitable for Bathing Use

Small Towel (60×120cm)

Features a moderate thickness for convenient daily cleaning and storage.

Hotel-style Large Size

Towel (70x140cm)

Fluffy and soft, comfortably wrap around the body.

Daily Care Tips

Wash and dry your towels in a proper way for durability.