Compact Life Living & Dining Offers

A good interior planning does not only include well-organised storage space, but also requires sufficient space for family members’ daily activity and rest. From now until 21st June 2020, enjoy special offers on selected Living and Dining Furniture while stock lasts. Build a cosy living and dining space and enjoy precious family moments.

Wooden Living Dining Furniture

Original Price: HK$250 – HK$5200
Special Offer: 10% off (HK$225 – HK$4680)

Oak Wood Round Legs Furniture

Original Price: HK$2580 – HK$10500
Special Offer: 10% off (HK$2322 – HK$9450)

Wooden Dining Table / Dining Chair

Original Price: HK$850 – HK$9500
Special Offer: 10% off (HK$765 – HK$8550)

Unit Sofa

Original Price: HK$250 - HK$3080
Special Offer: 40% off (HK$150 – HK$1848)

Urethane Foam Pocket Coil / Feather Pocket Coil Sofa

Original Price: HK$980 – HK$6580
Special Offer: 10% off (HK$882 – HK$5922)

Leather Sofa

Original Price: HK$480 – HK$15000
Special Offer: 10% off (HK$432 – HK$13500)

Mini Beads Sofa / Beads Sofa with Cover

Original Price: HK$680 – HK$1430
Special Offer: 10% off (HK$612 – HK$1287)

Melamine Top Side Table

Original Price: HK$1450
Special Offer: 10% off (HK$1305)

Compact Magazine Rack

Original Price: HK$380
Special Offer: 10% off (HK$342)

Interior Advisory Service

Recommendations on MUJI Furniture and Storage Units that efficiently use your space for a neat and comfortable living environment.