MUJI Hong Kong Presents "Product Design Project 2018"

Project Objective

This project is exclusively organized for design students of Hong Kong Design Institute, with objective to encourage more students to look into daily life thoroughly and unleash their creativity to design daily goods that will bring more convenience and comfort to modern daily life.

Design Theme

The design theme of this project is "Essential Product Design for Daily Life – Household Goods". Design students of Hong Kong Design Institute are invited to submit creative product design for household goods, which is essential and capable of bringing more convenience and comfort to modern daily life by refining the values of existing creations through the process of "searching and finding" – a process that helps explore human needs that truly matter and understand the underlying values of each creation.

Entry Eligibility

Registered students of Hong Kong Design Institute major in design-related subjects;
Participants may be an individual, or teams up to 4 persons ("Participating Unit");
Only one application can be submitted per Participating Unit while there is no limitation to the number of Participating Unit that each student can join.

Application Details

Entries must be original creations that have not been announced domestically or overseas; and limited to those which have not been submitted to past similar joint projects or competitions held by MUJI (Hong Kong) Company Limited, Ryohin Keikaku Company Limited or other companies. Design must be household goods related to daily life, and capable of being converted into actual goods.


Submission Period for First-round Screening 1st January – 30th April 2018
Announcement of First-round Screening Results 4th June 2018
Submission Period for Final Screening 10th July – 14th July 2018
Official Announcement of Prizewinners 1st August 2018
Exhibition at MUJI Harbour City 17th August – 5th September 2018

First-round Screening Submission

Presentation Sheet and a completed Application Form in PDF format for first-round screening must be emailed to from 1st January 2018 (00:00 HKT) to 30th April 2018 (23:59 HKT). An acknowledgement email with application number will be returned in 3 working days upon successful entry submission.

Notes on First-round Screening Submission

Each application shall provide only one Presentation Sheet.
The Presentation Sheet must be in PDF format (under 10MB per file, use of compression software is not allowed), and if required, fonts should be embedded or rasterized and checked that they can be opened correctly using Adobe Reader.
Photos and drawings must be at least 200dpi in resolution. Ensure that they can be clearly read and seen when printed.
The Presentation Sheet should contain the following content and must be depicted on no more than two A3 size (horizontal) sheets:
1.Entry title
2.Entry description (e.g. daily life issues identified, product inspiration and concept, description of the design, material selection etc.)
3.Overall drawing (rendering) or three-view drawing (front, plan, and lateral views) with dimensions specified
4.Illustration of usage (e.g. 3D computer image, drawing, model photograph etc.)
Do not display any information that may identify the Participating Units or its members.
All works submitted for the first round of screening cannot be revised and will not be returned after submission.
Only applications in Chinese (traditional or simplified) and English will be accepted.
An application number will be assigned to entry. The Participating Units will be requested to quote the application number for enquiry or further submission to this Project.

Final Screening Submission

Maximum number of 10 entries will be selected in the first round of screening for the final screening. The said finalists will be contacted by phone and details of final screening will be notified through email by MUJI Hong Kong on 4th June 2018 if they have passed the first round of screening. A mock-up that replicates the design for final screening must be packaged and submitted to the address below in person from 10th July 2018 to 14th July 2018 during 10:00 to 18:00 HKT. An acknowledgement email will be received in 3 working days upon successful entry submission.
Corporate Communication & Marketing Department
MUJI (Hong Kong) Company Limited
Unit 1901-05, Mira Place Tower A, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Notes on Final Screening Submission

MUJI Hong Kong shall provide each entry a maximum of HK$4000 as subsidy with respect to the expenses for mock-up production. The Participating Units shall submit a reimbursement form as prescribed by MUJI Hong Kong and official receipts together with the mock-up in person to the above address. Cheque will be ready for the Participating Units to pick up in person from 20th August 2018 to 31st August 2018 during 10:00 to 18:00 HKT after confirmation email is received.
The total of the length, width, and height of the package must be within 120cm. For large entries such as furniture, please submit a scaled-down model that is within the size specified above.
Entry submission should be in a sturdy box to prevent damage during delivery and storage.
Attach a label that indicates only the application number to the bottom of the mock-up. Do not include anything other than the application number that may identify the Participating Units.
Mock-ups cannot not be revised and will not be returned after submission.
Presentation Sheets from the first round of screening will also be taken into consideration. Additions or revisions are allowed before submitting to final round of screening.
Only applications in Chinese (traditional or simplified) and English will be accepted.
MUJI Hong Kong reserves the right to change of number of finalists with prior notice to HKDI.
Failure to submit the mock-up as scheduled shall be regarded as the withdrawal of final screening by such Participating Unit. No substitute will be selected to fill up the vacancy caused by such withdrawal.

Important Notes on Intellectual Property Rights

All entries must be original which has not been published elsewhere, wholly-owned by the Participating Units and free from infringement of any intellectual property rights.
All entries will not be returned to the Participating Units once submitted.
By submitting the entries to the Project, the Participating Units agree to grant MUJI Hong Kong and Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sub-licensable, unconditional license to copy, edit, publish, reproduce, publicly display and otherwise use such entries (including not limited to their designs, prototypes, images, sketches, artworks, illustrations, films or in any other form) in any way that MUJI Hong Kong deems appropriate ("Permitted Acts").
The Participating Units shall be liable for any claims of infringement of any parties’ intellectual property rights in respect of their entries, and shall indemnify MUJI Hong Kong against and hold MUJI Hong Kong harmless from any actions, costs, claims and liabilities of whatsoever nature arising out of or in connection with any allegations and/or claim of such infringement.
MUJI Hong Kong reserves its right to reject or disqualify any entries if MUJI Hong Kong believes that such entries infringe any parties’ intellectual property rights.
Photographs and films shot by MUJI Hong Kong and HKDI including but not limited to the Participating Units and their entries shall be the property of MUJI Hong Kong and HKDI respectively. MUJI Hong Kong shall have the right to alter or edit the photographs and films at its sole discretion. The Participating Units acknowledge and agree that MUJI Hong Kong and HKDI shall have the right to use full names and likeness of the Participating Units. MUJI Hong Kong and HKDI shall have the right to publicize the photographs and films shot by themselves in all media without prior consent of the Participating Units.
The winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes of this Project ("Prizewinners") agree not to grant further licences for the Permitted Acts to another party, with exception of the licence granted to MUJI Hong Kong, HKDI (if any) and the Prizewinner themselves, within 12 months from date of the official announcement of the Prizewinners.
The Prizewinners further agree to grant MUJI Hong Kong an irrevocable, exclusive licence to commercialize their winning designs for 12 months from the date of the official announcement of the Prizewinners in addition to the licence for Permitted Acts stated above.
If any winning design of the gold, silver and bronze prizes is considered for commercial implementation, the terms of such implementation shall be negotiated in good faith and the Prizewinners will be required to sign a formal agreement with MUJI Hong Kong or its affiliates.
If any winning design of gold, silver and bronze prizes is adopted, MUJI Hong Kong reserves the right to modify such design professionally and/or develop different versions with relation to its colours, size, form, materials used, functions and all other features, with or without the consent of the Prizewinners.

Award & Prize

Award Prize
Gold Winner HK$5000 scholarship + HK$5000 MUJI Coupons + Award Certificate
Silver Winner HK$4000 scholarship + HK$3000 MUJI Coupons + Award Certificate
Bronze Winner HK$1000 scholarship + HK$1000 MUJI Coupons + Award Certificate
Online Most Popular Award HK$1000 MUJI Coupons + Award Certificate

Judging Criteria

Winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes will be evaluated based on the following criteria by judging panel.

Creativity on Problem Solving 20%
The level of comprehensiveness about understanding daily life issues and user needs that truly matter through observation;
The degree of creativity and uniqueness on the proposed solution to solve the identified daily life issue
Functionality 20%
User value (i.e. "This is what I really want", "I must have this");
Usability (i.e. whether the product can be used by lots of people, regardless of gender, age & other demographic differences);
Product safety
Aesthetics 15%
Level of aesthetic simplicity, without unnecessary complexity;
Emotional appeal;
Compatibility with other products in daily life
Environmental Sustainability 15%
Degree of consciousness on the natural environment (i.e. whether the product can bring positive impact or minimize negative impact to the natural environment, whether the product can shift user behaviour in a more environmental-friendly way), based on the followings:
  1.Material selection, e.g. low-impact materials, recycled materials;
2.Durability (i.e. whether the product can cherish for years without being affected by any trend);
3.Extent of reuse and recycling
Overall Relevancy to the Design Theme 30%
The extent that the product can bring more convenience and comfort to modern daily life;
Detailed consideration of the whole product design

In addition, all entries submitted for final screening will be shared on for public voting during 20th July 2018 to 29th July 2018; entry which earns the most number of votes will be awarded with Online Most Popular Award.

Judging Panel

3-4 Representatives from MUJI (Hong Kong) Company Limited, Ryohin Keikaku Company Limited or invited by MUJI Hong Kong
2-3 Representatives from Hong Kong Design Institute

Result Announcement

After the final screening and online public voting, the prizewinners are confirmed as follows:

  • Gold Winner: "Portable Umbrella Storage Case" - Yau Man Kei
  • Silver Winer: "Floor Lamp" - So Yuen Yi
  • Bronze Winner: "Oak Wood Storage Chair" - Wong Chi Kin
  • Online Most Popular Award: "Floor Lamp" - So Yuen Yi


The prototypes of prizewinners and finalists of final screening will be exhibited at MUJI Harbour City during 17th August to 5th September 2018. Please stay tuned for further updates about the exhibition.


Please email to for any enquiry about the project.