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PP Food Storage Container

Serves as a storage container and a lunch box. The round-shaped storage container can hold and store a variety of meals including soups. Its ability to tolerate cold temperatures deems fit for refrigerator storage; while the rectangular series with a valve is microwave-safe. Caters to different needs with its size variation making lunchtime mess-free.

A lunchbox as it isUseful for early prepared appetizers and leftover dinner, the storage container serves directly as a lunchbox for the next day. The series offers 6 different sizes depending on the volume and combination of dishes.

The valve design

Containers with valve prevent odour and liquid leakage. The type from resin is microwave safe, while remenant scent of food does not easily contaminate the enamel type.

Easy to get at a glanceOriginally used in medical equipment, resin is transparent, light, and able to tolerate a wide range of temperatures. Its transparency allows easy identification of stored foods, preventing wastage.

Glass containers

Jars and bottles with tight closures are suitable for long term storage.

Tightly sealed while easy to open.A packing rubber is used to tightly seal each glass container. Pressure difference occurs during the production of fruit liqueur and preserved foods. High pressure might create a forceful opening of the lid while low pressure at cold temperatures might diminish the inner pressure, making the lid hard to open. As a solution, the handle of the packing rubber can be pulled to create a balance in air pressure, allowing safe opening of the container.