The Reason


Clean whenever and wherever

With cleaning tools that can be placed anywhere,
dirt can be removed immediately.
The simplicity in design allows
the products to blend in with any environment easily.
Remove dirt instantly and
maintain a clean environment.

Flexibly and prudently utilize your cleaning tools

A complete cleaning system with
refined cleaning tools for
different purposes is necessary to
a stress-free cleaning experience.

Cleaning living room and bedroom

A carpet cleaner with a free-standing case,
a floor mop and more to go,
we offer a range of products
for every purpose you can think of.

Cleaning bathroom

Besides the glass wiper with squeegee sponge
that can be used on glass windows,
basins and showers, sponges
and tile brushes are great
for damp or water removal.

Cleaning door entrance and verandah

Fixed-joint cleaning accessories that can withstand
high pressure such as the deck brush,
is perfect for hard scrubbing.
Our brooms and dust pans are just a few examples
for products suitable for outdoor cleaning.

Cleaning cracks and gaps

Aside from point brushes perfect
for cleaning small cracks and gaps, spatulas
and sponges also provide good choices
for meticulous cleaning.