Different attachments can be used for different cleaning needs.

The key to a pleasant cleaning experience is to choose the right cleaning tools
according to locations and needs that help keep your cleaning process stress-free and efficient.

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools with replaceable attachments

Simply combine a pole with a variety of attachments depending on your cleaning needs. The product tags of Cleaning Tools are printed with "CLEANING SYSTEM" for easy recognition. *Wooden Pole and Wooden Short Pole are not suitable for use with water.


Sweeping and removing dust is the basic of cleaning. Sweeping a broom and moving the dustpan backward are movements we've learned as kids. Sweep places where you spend most of your time, like your living room, hallway, and entrance for a good mood.


Can be combined and stored with the dustpan.

With an adjustable joint, it allows users to clean at any angle they want. The stiff bristle brush is ideal for cleaning floors. Storage becomes even easier with the separately sold dustpan.

Clean up whenever you feel like it.

Carpet Cleaner is self-standing with the attached storage box, and can be retracted from both sides of the storage box. You can easily place it in the corner of a room or on a shelf for easy, accessible cleaning. With the optional handle, you can clean the floor while standing. A set of 3 Carpet Cleaner Refill is also available.

Always have it in your room

By using cleaning products that blend in with your room decor and keeping them close to you, you'll have more opportunities to clean. The cleaner the room, the better you feel and the more time you'll want to spend in it. These are the cleaning products you want to keep within easy reach.

Remove the dust as soon as you notice it

Mini Handy Mop contains microfibres to trap dust and dirt with ease. The mop portion is removable and can be washed to keep it clean and reusable. By keeping it in the attached storage box, it will look nice while still being within reach. You can increase its longevity with a replacement mop which is sold separately.


Sweeping desks and tabletops

You don't need a big broom to clean up spills, small pieces of trash, desks, and entrances. The broom and dustpan come in a set that can be quickly and easily accessed for cleaning. This compact tabletop broom can be stored by itself without taking up much storage space.

Convenient, self-standing storage

The self-standing tools can be easily placed in the corner of a room or on a shelf, allowing you to clean whenever you feel like it. With the optional handle, you can easily clean the floor while standing.


The more you polish things, the more areas you wish to polish. Polishing is one of those cleaning tasks that you'll want to keep doing. Sometimes you don't notice the dirt on places at eye level. Dirt also tends to accumulate in the crevices of the kitchen and bathrooms, especially around water sink. It's always the narrowest crevice brings you a better mood after you have polished every inch of it.

For cleaning crevices

Just right for cleaning drains and water bottle gaskets. A series of point brushes, spatulas, and sponges for cleaning crevices and narrow spaces.

Organise your daily supplies

PP File Boxes help keep your daily supplies such as refills of cleaning tools in a tidy way. Small pockets are attachable for easy access and storage of spot-cleaning tools. A wide range of sizes and shapes are available to give you more ideas for your storage needs.


Clean for the next time you use it. In our daily life, there are many occasions when we have to clean things, especially at places frequently used such as kitchens, bathrooms, and washrooms. As soon as you're done using these places, you can continue to feel good by cleaning it for the next day.

Keep it drained and sanitary

Urethane Foam 3-Layer Bath Sponge is made of two types of urethane foam with different sizes of air bubbles and non-woven fabrics. Fine air bubbles produce thick foam and are easy to wash with, while coarse air bubbles soak up water and keep things clean.

Remove dirt from wet places and crevices

The pointy brushes can reach the joints of tiles, faucets, gutters, window frames, and other small areas. The handle fits effortlessly in your hand and is easy to grip, and its angle makes removing dirt simple with ease. The built-in hole allows you to hang it on a hook to drain water.

White blends in with the kitchen

A white sponge brings the sink area a clean appearance. Its slightly longer rectangular shape makes it easier to hold and wash glasses and lunchbox corners. The roughly textured side is good for removing water for hygiene, while the side with fine texture is good for releasing and holding foam.

Daily life tips:
To make your time at home more enjoyable, stretch while cleaning.

At Ryohin Keikaku, our employees spend 5 minutes in the morning everyday to clean up areas around themselves.
To make effective use of daily cleaning routine, stretching is incorporated into it, and a series of "Stretch & Clean" video has been produced.
Make use of the rest breaks during your study or work to refresh your mood by simple stretching through cleaning.

Handy Mop Stretch

Step 1: Use Handy Mop for cleaning. Move one step backward from the area you want to clean and start cleaning.

Carpet Cleaner Stretch

Step 2: Clean with Carpet Cleaner. Stretch your thighs and calves as you clean to help prevent back pain.

Wet Tissue Stretch

Step 3: Use Wet Tissue to clean. Get rid of shoulder stiffness buy loosening the shoulder blade area while cleaning.

Trash Collection Exercise

Step 4: Collect trash. Strengthen your lower body as you clean up and make your body more resistant to tiredness.