Flannel - Warmth & Comfort

Flannel - Warmth & Comfort.Made of 100% organic cotton

Made of 100% organic cotton

Selected flannel items are made with strengthened and smoothened fabric surface with 2-ply yarn twisting 2 fine threads together, bringing you warmth and soft touch this season.

The use of 2-ply yarn brings durability and a smoother fabric surface.

Brushed surface for enhanced softness.

Made of 100% organic cotton naturally grown in soil that is free of pesticides or chemical fertilizers for more than 3 years.


Selected items are made of fine but strong 2-ply yarns, while both sides of the fabric are brushed for a soft touch.
Underwent washed process to bring worn-in comfort to the body.
Wear it as a thick top or casual outer for layering.


Made of cotton threads, the fabric features a lanugo-like softness, while the washed process delivers a worn-in comfort.


Made of soft organic cotton and through a brushed process, the fluffy flannel shirts and tunics keep children warm and cosy in the chilly season.