• Gets softer every time you wash it

    Linen gains strength when wet and the affinity of linen to moisture is one of the reasons why linen gets softer the more you use it and wash it.

  • Durable and strong

    Flax, the plant in which linen fabric is made from, is grown in an environment with large diurnal temperature variation and a moderate humidity. The strength and smoothness of flax fibers comes from its resilience to cold temperatures it was cultivated in, making linen items durable.

  • Friendly to environment and producers

    MUJI cultivates flax that is friendly to the natural environment and producers without the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides. Some of the linen items are made of organic linen, minimising the impacts to environment and people.

Ladies' Linen Wear

Stand collar shirts are newly added to the Linen Wear Series.
Available in shirt, shirt dress, knitwear, pants and skirts with a variety of colour choices for your daily versatile coordination.

Men's Linen Wear

Stand collar shirts with a straight silhouette can be worn alone or as an outer.
Pants are improved with an elastic drawstring waistband for enhanced comfort.