Gel Ink
Ballpoint Pen

A pen body that can be used for a long time.

Match them with refills with different colours and pen tip sizes to create a personalized Gel Ink Pen for everyday use.

MUJI's brand new Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen bodies and refills are easily combined due to their unified size and lengths, so that waste of materials can be minimized.

By continuously making improvements on costing, material and user experience, MUJI endeavors to bring a better writing episode to the user from time to time.

Universal Design of Bodies and Refills

Due to the difficulty pairing up shafts and refills of different stationery on the market, customers tend to purchase a completely new pen and skip the trouble of refilling.

MUJI's new Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen features a universal design and size of refills to make refilling easy and simple.

Separately Sold for Reasonable Price

Knock Type / Cap Type Ballpoint Pen Body
Refills for Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen

Refills and completely new pens pose a similar price, thereby allowing consumers to purchase completely new pens instead of refilling old ones.

In hope that pens can be used continuously, the bodies and refills of MUJI's new Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen are separately sold, so that users can choose the refills as they prefer and enjoy a better price for pens.

Ready-to-use Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen

Other than independent pen bodies and refills, ready-made Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens are also available to choose your favorite pen directly.

Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Cap Type

Smooth Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Knock Type

Flexible Combination of Bodies and Refills

Separately sold bodies and refills allow you to customize your own Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen with different styles, colours and tip sizes flexibly.

Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Body

The pen bodies are available in cap and knock types.
Even if the body is damaged, it can be independently replaced so that the refill can be continuously used.

Body Colour

Refills for Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen

Select your favorite refill among wide range of colours and 3 pen tip sizes.
All refills are compatible with Gel Ink Pen Body Knock Type / Cap Type so that you can create your own Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen.

Refill for Smooth
Gel Ink
Ballpoint Pen

Smooth writing.
Available in 16 colours.

Refill for
Gel Ink
Ballpoint Pen

For writing small characters
on journals and books.

Moderate tip size
for different writing.

Recommend for users
with strong grip while writing.

*The new Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen bodies and refills are available at MUJI Lee Theatre, wtc more, Pacific Place, Mira Place, Harbour City, Olympian City, Langham Place, apm, East Point City, YOHO MALL and tmtplaza only.
**The new Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen bodies and refills are incompatible with previous versions of MUJI Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens which were launched April 2019 or earlier.