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Select the Right Pillow

Sleeping takes up one third of our day. For a good night's sleep,
select the right pillow that matches your preference on material, height and softness, and enjoy a healthy living with quality sleep.

How to Select

  • Material

    The comfort of pillows greatly depends on the use of materials. Different materials also lead to different softness, fits and maintenance methods.

  • Height

    A proper pillow height allows your neck to keep a horizontal line. When your pillow is too high, your neck will be forced to bend, causing burden to the body. When too low, it makes your blood concentrate at the head which will affect sleeping quality.

  • Softness

    The ideal pillow softness differs among individuals. A soft pillow fits to the curve of your head in respond to any change in sleeping pose, while a harder pillow delivers high steadiness and is less attached to your skin so you will feel cooler during sleep.

Types of Pillows

Feather Pillow

Filled with light and firm waterfowl feathers, it provides comfortable support for a good sleep all night.

Material: Feather (99%), Down (1%)

Airy and soft, the material provides good breathability, moisture absorbance and warmth. Suitable for year-round use.

Daily Care

Applicable for dry clean, or air-dry at a cool, ventilated location. Avoid bending or strong flapping to reduce feather damage or loss.


Select your favourite pillow from the 7 types below for a comfortable sleep.