Keep You Cool and Comfy in SummerShort Sleeves T-Shirt

Wearing a MUJI Short Sleeves T-Shirt will keep you from feeling the heat and sweat in summer so you can feel comfortable all day. Various yarn twisting and knitting methods are used to bring different styles and textures to the T-Shirts, allowing you to choose your favourite piece for daily styling.

Coarse Jersey

Coarse Jersey T-ShirtLadies'・Men's

Features a sturdy texture

Knitted firmly with coarse yarns to bring sturdiness and appropriate thickness. The most sturdy T-Shirt among the rest.

Coarse Jersey T-Shirt



Uneven Yarn

Uneven Yarn T-ShirtLadies'・Men's

Feels smooth and comfortable

Features an uneven fabric surface that reduces the area of contact between the fabric and the skin, bringing a breezy wearing comfort.

Uneven Yarn




Jersey T-ShirtLadies'・Men's

Features a just-right thickness

Suitable for wearing on its own or as an inner layer and easy to style.

Jersey T-Shirt




Rib T-ShirtLadies'

Added with anti-sweat function

With good elasticity, this soft T-Shirt fits your body shape naturally. Processed with anti-sweat function to keep you feel comfortable during summer activities.

Rib T-Shirt


Select a size that fits you for summer stylingUnisex Big T-Shirt

Designed in a loose-fit silhouette, anyone, regardless of gender, age or body shape, can wear it in a size that fits the most.

Height: 178cm Size: L-XL

Height: 167cm Size: XXS-XS

Styling Ideas

With a simple design and comfortable touch, Short Sleeves T-Shirt is a wardrobe staple for summer. Enjoy different daily looks and moods by wearing T-Shirts in various silhouettes, thickness, and textures.


MUJI's Cotton

Beginning to grow.

By purchasing one T-shirt, you return two organic cotton seeds back to the earth.

All of the cotton used in Muji clothing is organic.
Considering the connection between nature and humans, we started using organic cotton in 1999, and in 2018, we used organic cotton exclusively to make all of our cotton products.

However, organic cotton represents less than 1% of all the world's cotton production.
Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are often used in the cultivation of regular cotton.

As organic cotton is cultivated without any pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, the yield per acre of planted area is around 70% of regular cotton cultivation, which means it cannot be mass-produced as efficiently.

it's better for the environment and for consumers, so we want more people to use organic cotton.

That's why we've decided to not just use organic cotton, but also grow it ourselves.
For every T-shirt purchase, we will donate 2 seeds of organic cotton to Indian cotton farmers.

To further promote the farming of organic cotton, we will use this campaign to support farmers with the help of our customers.

[Target products]※Short-sleeved, French-sleeved, sleeveless, and half-sleeve T-shirts are eligible.
Men's clothing:Jersey Stitch T-Shirt, Uneven Yarn T-Shirt, Low Yarn Count T-Shirt.
Ladies' clothing:Jersey Stitch T-Shirt, Uneven Yarn T-Shirt, Low Yarn Count T-Shirt, Fraise Stitch T-Shirt.
Children's clothing:Jersey Stitch T-Shirt(Excluding printed T-shirts)