From selection,
creation to
delivery, every
step conveys
your affection.

From selection, creation to delivery,
Every step conveys your affection.

Valentine's Day is an opportunity to express love and appreciation to your loved one and friends.
Create long-lasting memory by giving heartwarming gifts.

Handmade Kits contain all ingredients, molds and instruction that make baking simple and joyful.

Handmade kit series

  • Handmade Gateau Chocolate Cake Kit

    About 40 minutes

    The chocolate cake is easy to make and can be divided into 6 heart-shaped portions, to be shared with family and friends to celebrate Valentine's Day.

  • Handmade Fondant Chocolate Cake Kit

    About 90 minutes

    A melting rich chocolate centered fluffy cake is a delicious and impressive dessert which is quick and simple to make.

  • Handmade Brownie Kit

    About 40 minutes

    Follow the simple steps to bake brownie, which can be divided in shapes you like, to be shared with family and friends.

  • Handmade Chocolate Chip Muffins Kit

    About 50 minutes

    Add chocolate chips on the 2 muffin mixtures that provided with the kit, you can make 20 pieces delicious muffins to share the love and joy on Valentine's Day.

  • Handmade Heart-Shaped Chocolate Chips Cookies Kit

    About 90 minutes

    40 pieces of cookies in original and chocolate flavours can be made with the heart-shaped mould, add chocolate chips and almonds for decoration.

  • Handmade Heart Shaped Florentins Cookies Kit

    About 60 minutes

    These cookies are traditional French dessert made with sliced almond and caramel sauce, which is sweet and crispy.

Cold Dessert Series

  • Handmade Heart-Shaped Chocolate Tart Kit

    About 30 minutes

    Pour the melted chocolate into the heart-shaped container, the chocolate tart is delicately topped with nuts and crunch.

  • Handmade Heart-Shaped Crunch Chocolate Kit

    About 30 minutes

    Mixed with cookie crunch and mixing powders, the lovely heart-shaped crunch can be combined with different flavours to make varieties and form layers.

  • Handmade Ganache

    About 100 minutes

    Smooth chocolate with “melt in mouth” texture can be made in a simple way.

  • Handmade Truffle Chocolate Kit

    About 60 minutes

    5 types of melt-in-the-mouth chocolate truffles taste exquisite and it makes a delightful Valentine's Day gift.

MUJI Recipe

Create you personaslized desserts by adding different ingredients which enhance the texture and presentation simultaneously.

  • Strawberry Gateau Chocolate Cake

    Adding strawberry and whipped cream onto the chocolate cake. Fruity and the sweetness of chocolate can be tasted in every bite.

  • Gateau Chocolate Cake with Orange Peels

    Handmade Gateau with orange gives off fresh orange fragrance, while provides a blend of layers and textures. Lemon peels can also be used to provide different flavors.

  • Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins Kit

    Just adding bananas to the muffins could create personal tastes and unique flavors. It can be baked and served easily.

  • Marshmallow Brownie

    Brownie baked with marshmallow and chocolate pieces on top of the dough, providing the enjoyment of visual and tastes. Cut the brownies and wrap as small pieces to enjoy the fun of hand making.

  • Double Chocolate Cheese Tart

    Delightful and tasty heart-shaped chocolate tart features a blend of chocolate and cheese flavors. It provides multiple textures with added nuts and crunch.

  • Chocolate Mochi

    The delicious Chocolate Mochi is easy to make with simple ingredients and steps, providing chewy texture and rich chocolate aroma.

Cookies and Biscuits

On top of Handmade Kits, a wide variety of cookies and biscuits are also available.
Add special decorations and make them into your unique token of love.

  • Chocolate & Rock Salt Cookies

  • Gallette Cookies

  • Sable Citron

  • Edam Cheese Sable

  • Almond & Chocolate Sable

  • Sesame Sable

  • Small Biscuit

  • Stick Biscuit

  • Icing Set

  • Chocolate Pen Set