Anti-UV Skincare for Summer

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while enjoying summertime.

Summer is a season when UV radiation can cause skin dehydration or even inflammation. Air conditioning makes it easier for your skin to dry out, and a loss of moisture in the skin can lead to dull skin in summertime. To maintain healthy skin, it is necessary to take care of the damages caused by sun exposure with suitable skincare items.

  • The Tanaka Couple

    Yusuke and Kumiko Tanaka cultivate vegetables and manufacture bread and other processed foods in Ishioka City of Ibaraki Prefecture, which is surrounded by mountains and raw landscape. In the following, the couple will share about how they spend a typical summer day, mostly farming in fields or traveling outdoors.

  • The Kuwahara Couple

    Hironobu Kuwahara works at a movie distribution company and his wife Haruka is a designer. They cherish the time during the weekend that they can spend with each other.

  • 9:00
    Farming in the field
    UV Index:6.5

    Exposure Level:

    There are 10 varieties of vegetables in their field. As pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not used, the couple needs to spend more time on outdoor works such as weeding and soil cultivation. Protection against sunburn is therefore essential. In busy mornings, using Sensitive Skin All-in-One Essence, which combines the function of toning water, lotion and essence can simplify skincare routine. In addition, applying sunscreen can help protect skin against UV radiation.

  • 11:00
    UV Index:8.0

    Exposure Level:
    Very High

    From home to the field, and from the field to the shop, the couple spends much time on traveling everyday. Sun exposure while driving may cause skin damage too. Same as you do to your face, applying sunscreen to your hands, shoulders and neck area is also necessary.

  • 14:00
    Working at the bakery shop
    UV Index:4.0

    Exposure Level:

    Sunlight passes through the large window of Kumiko's bakery shop. UV protection is needed even for indoor work, particularly in evenings when sunset light is strong. At the bakery shop, Kumiko needs to interact with customers frequently and hence basic makeup is necessary. She usually applies BB Cream which combines the functions of makeup base, foundation, UV care and moisturizer, helping her to stay protected from sunlight and keep a natural look with a lasting and smooth finish.

  • 21:00
    Nighttime skincare

    Take care of your skin after sun exposure is important. Check the condition of your skin while taking care of it with Sensitive Skin Whitening Toning Water, Moisturising Milk and Essence to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

  • 9:00
    Makeup time in the morning
    UV Index:1.0

    Exposure Level:

    Increased spare time in weekends means more time for a delicate skincare routine and makeup before going out. Apply Sensitive Skin Whitening Toning Water, Moisturising Milk and Essence, and put on UV Foundation, Pressed Powder and Lip Color to complete the 3 steps of "Moisturising", "Whitening" and "UV Protection" thoroughly. Keep your skin hydrated and enjoy your weekend with a natural makeup. In busy mornings, simply apply Sensitive Skin All-in-One Essence and sunscreen to keep skincare routine simple and quick.

  • 11:00
    Taking a walk nearby
    UV Index:5.0

    Exposure Level:

    In the afternoon after the rain has stopped, the couple walks together in the shopping arcade. Use the Refreshing Body Wipes to quickly refresh your skin while spending time outside in the sun.

  • 14:00
    Shopping at the flower shop
    UV Index:7.0

    Exposure Level:

    Sometimes Haruka stops at flower shop and buy summery flowers for home decoration. At noon when sunlight is strongest and UV rays are the most intense, Haruka uses UV Pressed Powder to touch up her makeup. Its oil control feature gives a more long lasting finish.

  • 20:00
    Movie time

    After dinner, Haruka usually watches movie with her cat. Being out in the sun all day, proper care of skin with Sensitive Skin Whitening Toning Water, Moisturizing Milk and Essence can help maintain skin health. Relax your body and mind, and get prepared for tomorrow.

Cause of Blemishes

If our skin is exposed to direct sunlight, the skin cells which produce melanin pigment will be stimulated by UV radiation and begin to produce excess amount of melanin pigment. The melanin pigment appears on the surface of the skin, which is the mechanism for sunburn. If the sunburn is temporary, your skin colour will get back to normal over time. However, prolonged exposure to UV radiation or irregular skin metabolism will lead to the accumulation of melanin pigment on your skin, and the excess amount will become the cause of blemishes.