MUJI to GO – Your Summer Travel Companion
For Comfort On-the-go

Travelling is an extension of daily lives. Compact and useful travel items are needed and MUJI to GO is born with this in mind. MUJI to GO offers functional items for trips of any duration so travelling feels as comfortable as being at home.

From today to 28th July 2019, enjoy different discounts on travel products and be prepared for your summer expedition.

Flexible Arrangements for Half Day or 1-Day Trips
Lightweight When Going Around on Foot

Comfortable T-shirts and sneakers are great companions for trips on foot. You might want your bag to be lightweight as well to minimize load when walking around.

Men's / Ladies' Organic Cotton Short Sleeves T-Shirt Made of organic cotton in different weaving methods, T-shirts of different thickness and textures are basic items for summer trips. Available in plain colours and borders.
Waterproof Tape Used Shoulder Bag
Waterproof Tape Used Tote Bag
Waterproof Tape Used Backpack
Made of water repellent polyester with a waterproof tape added to the seams to prevent rain water from seeping in. Lightweight and portable while relieving shoulder pressure.
Men’s / Ladies’ Shock Absorbing Sneakers The heel part of insole is thickened for better wearing comfort. Suitable for long walks.

Be Ready For Sudden Weather Changes

Lightweight accessories are essential to enjoy your outdoor trip. Sunglasses, raffia hats, windbreakers and foldable umbrellas are small enough to carry around for you to enjoy the expedition.

Raffia Hat With Brim / Capeline
Bring along anti UV accessories to enjoy sunshine. Sunglasses with UV400 are available in brown or black. Raffia hats are handmade using natural materials and are adjustable and foldable.
Pocketable Paraglider Cloth Windbreaker Made of lightweight water repellent paraglider cloth, the windbreaker is foldable. Suitable day and night in dealing with temperature changes.
Water Repellent Pocketable Raincoat
Children's Foldable Rain Poncho
Side splits make it easy for walking in adult size, Velcro fastened pockets allow easy storage of personal items in the raincoat. Children’s rain poncho covers like a cape, ensuring backpacks are fully covered on rainy days.

Short Trips
Luggage Packing

To cater to more personal items on longer trips, suitable storage accessories are essential. MUJI to GO provides storage items that make good use of every inch in your suitcase, organize your personal items and favourite travel outfit while allowing ample space for any local shopping.

Foldable Soft Carry Suitcase Flexible size – the small size (36L) can be stored inside a larger size (63L) and the former can be a hand carry baggage*. When not in use, simply fold it into half to save space. *Carry-on baggage size and weight limit may vary by airline.
Paraglider Cloth Gusset Case Gusset cases come in sizes that fit well in MUJI suitcases. The mesh surface allows easy distinguish of personal items. Also available in small, medium and large or double layered sizes.
Hanging Case with Detachable PouchOrganise and store personal items neatly. Simply unbuckle and hang to use. Case in the middle can be separated and placed in your travel bag.

Expeditions in Different Environments

For themed itineraries like visiting flower parks, having fun by the beach or shopping at local markets, choosing lightweight apparel items and bags will keep you relaxed while well-prepared.

Men's Organic Cotton Broad Short Pants / Ladies' Indian Cotton Broad Short Pants
Rubber Sponge Flat Sandals
Men's / Ladies’ Water Repellent Organic Cotton Comfortable Sneakers
Dive into summer with short pants in natural materials. Sneakers with water repellent surface and laces and rubber sponge sandals are great for the beach or countryside.
Double Fastener Case with Shoulder Strap This compact shoulder bag can store your mobile phone and a few personal belongings, which is ideal for going out for a casual walk, or as a second bag for travelling on a flight or bus trip. One side of the bag is of mesh while the back is in plain colour, so you can store frequently used items such as tissues and wet tissues in the front pocket for easy recognition.
Stainless Steel Heat and Cold Retaining Mug Able to keep drinks cold or warm. Suitable for keeping cold drinks in the hot summer. Minimized the use of resin for easy cleaning.

Long Trips
Preparing for Long-haul Travel

Larger storage space and comfort are two main concerns during long-haul trips. Neck cushions, stoles and moisturizers can help to keep you as cozy as possible during in-flight or in-trip.

Polycarbonate Hard Carry Suitcase with Stopper Available in 19L, 35L, 62L, 87L and 104L, where the largest is big enough for long trips up to 10 days. Choose one or more suitcases to fit your need. Smaller sizes can be accommodated into larger sizes.
Multi Purpose Neck Cushion with Hood
Uv Protection Bolero
Neck cushions and boleros are helpful in long haul trips. The hooded neck cushion can support different body parts and comes with a hood that acts as an eye mask. Bolero stoles are lightweight to carry while also anti-UV (UPF 50+).
Deep Sea Mineral Mist
Hand Cream
During long haul flights or bus trips, moisturising mist and hand cream can provide hydration to dry areas. Hand creams are available in natural flavours including citrus, floral and green.

For Everyday Personal Care and Hygiene

A few comfortable T-shirts and innerwear with a portable set of laundry tools will already get you set for a long trip. Mild cleansing and moisturizing skincare are able to maintain the skin in good condition.

Men’s / Ladies' Smooth Cotton Innerwear Organic cotton yarns woven in different densities help to absorb and release moisture, allowing heat and sweat to dissipate quicker. Available in short sleeves or sleeveless for both men and ladies. Camisoles with sweat pads for ladies are also available.
Portable Laundry set
Polyester Mesh Case for Clothes
Made of materials same as washing nets, the mesh case can be put directly inside washing machines to conveniently wash clothes at your stay. Use with a set of portable laundry tools like washboard and hangers with pegs for easy laundry, keeping clothes and towels dry and clean.
Portable Sensitive Skin Face Care Using Sensitive Skin Face Care including toning water, moisturising cream, face soap milk and cleansing oil would help maintain your skin condition. Travel sizes of 50ml are also available.