Travel Around with Comfort

With Easter on the way, find your travel companion and prepare for that journey of yours with MUJI to GO. Here, we range from storage such as suitcases and hanging pouches, UV protection garments to small tools that make your expedition comfortable as home.

The lighter you carry, the more you experience. Be carefree and travel just as you do in daily life with MUJI to GO.

From today till 22nd April 2019, customers can enjoy different special offers on selected travel items.

(All item information and selling prices are subject to in-store display. Available while stock lasts.)

Men's and Ladies' Uv Protection Zip Hoody

Original Price: HK$250 - HK$280
Special Offer: 20% OFF

Men's and Ladies' Sweat Absorbent Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Original Price: HK$125
Special Offer: 20% OFF

Ladies' 2 Way Stretch Easy Tapered Pants

Original Price: HK$290
Special Offer: 20% OFF

Men's Quick-Drying Stretch Easy Pants

Original Price: HK$350
Special Offer: 20% OFF

Foldable Soft Carry Suitcase

Original Price: HK$780-HK$980
Special Offer: 10% OFF

Polycarbonate Hard Carry Suitcase With Stopper

Original Price: HK$1480 - HK$2280
Special Offer: 10% OFF

Multi Purpose Neck Cushion

Original Price: HK$190
Special Offer: 20% OFF

Hanging Case with Detachable Pouch

Original Price: HK$128
Special Offer: 20% OFF

Children's Organic Cotton Sneakers

Original Price: HK$180
Special Offer: 20% OFF

Men's and Ladies' Heel Pressure Relieving Sneakers

Original Price: HK$350
Special Offer: 20% OFF

Quick Drying Travel Pajamas

Original Price: HK$280
Special Offer: 20% OFF

Round Zipper Foldable Wallet

Original Price: HK$150
Special Offer: 20% OFF

Adjustable Safari Hat With Water Proof Tape /
Adjustable Crochet With Water Proof Tape

Original Price: HK$180 - HK$280
Special Offer: 20% OFF

Selected Pochi Gashi Series

Original Price: HK$10 - HK$12
Special Offer: 10% OFF for 2 pcs or above

More Recommended Items

Travel connected. At MUJI to GO, we provide you with different items to make your journey easy and allows you to come home with more than memories. Portable and functional, they are small enough to carry around, but big enough to do the job.