MUJI week
MUJI passport (Hong Kong version) Member Exclusive Privilege

To express gratitude for customers' continuous support, MUJI Hong Kong now offers "MUJI week – MUJI passport (Hong Kong version) Member Exclusive Privilege" from 18th to 24th April 2018. Throughout the week, customers are entitled to special offers upon purchase of selected items and dining in Café&Meal MUJI. While enjoying this delightful shopping experience, members can explore around for seasonal items and have a taste of in-season healthy flavours.

In addition, MUJI passport (Hong Kong version) members are entitled to extra 10% off at MUJI stores or Café&Meal MUJI, and further entitled to extra 100 MUJI Shopping Points for each valid transaction of an eligible spending of HK$2000 or above in a single purchase at any MUJI store (except Café&Meal MUJI) by using the e-coupon in the mobile app.

MUJI week MUJI week

Selected Daily Special Offers

Different selected daily special items* are available each day for customers to shop for daily necessities. MUJI passport (Hong Kong version) members can enjoy an extra 10% off by using the e-coupon in the mobile app.
*This offer is not applicable to MUJI to GO MTR Hong Kong Station, Hong Kong International Airport and Found MUJI PMQ.

Special Dining Offers at Café&Meal MUJI

Throughout the promotion period, customers are entitled to special offers at Café&Meal MUJI every day after 14:30 to enjoy in-season healthy flavours. MUJI passport (Hong Kong version) members can enjoy an extra 10% off all day by presenting the e-coupon of the mobile app.

  • 18th - 20th April

    5 Deli Set

    Original Price  HK$118
    Promotional Price  HK$100

  • 21st - 22nd April


    Original Price  HK$27 – HK$38
    Buy 1 get 1 free
    *Offer applies to the same choice of coffee only

  • 23rd - 24th April

    Found DELI Okinawa Set

    Original Price  HK$118
    Promotional Price  HK$108

Store Promotion Offers

MUJI passport (Hong Kong version) members can enjoy an extra 10% off by using the e-coupon in the mobile app.

  • Selected Men's / Ladies' Shirt and Ladies' Shirt Dress

    Original Price  HK$180 - HK$580
    Promotional Price  HK$100 - HK$350 (with extra 10% off)

  • IDÉE Garment

    Original Price  HK$380 - HK$1380
    Promotional Offer  20% off 2pcs or above (with extra 10% off)

  • Selected Cushion Cover

    Original Price  HK$65 - HK$250
    Promotional Offer  20% off 2pcs or above (with extra 10% off)

  • Cleaning System Series

    Original Price  HK$14 - HK$160
    Promotional Offer  10% off 2pcs or above (with extra 10% off)

  • USB Desk Fan / Circulator Fan (Low Noise)

    Original Price  HK$220 - HK$590
    Promotional Offer  10% off (with extra 10% off)

New Item Special Offers

MUJI passport (Hong Kong version) members can enjoy an extra 10% off by using the e-coupon in the mobile app for all new arrivals in this spring and summer during MUJI week.

  • Foldable Soft Carry Case

    Regular Price  HK$780 - HK$980

    The Foldable Soft Carry Case is designed in a compact size for storage with limited space. When it is not in use, lift the inside panel to fold it into half size in thickness to keep inside a closet or under the bed. The S size (36L) suitcase is suitable for using as cabin baggage; it can also be stored inside an L size (63L) suitcase.

  • Circulator Fan (Low Noise)

    Regular Price  HK$490 - HK$590

    The new model of Low Noise Circulator Fan is suitable for using in rooms to enhance air circulation and regulate room temperature. The revamped blades bring a high-output airflow with quiet operation. Removable cover makes it easy for blades cleaning.

  • Clear Care Series

    Regular Price  HK$35 - HK$180

    Launched in April this year, the Clear Care Series is made from moisturising natural plant extracts including apricot, orange, kiwi and grape essence. It is suitable for oily, mixed skin as well as men's skincare, as it softens and uplifts the skin while refining pores.

Featured Items for Spring & Summer

To bring a comfortable life, MUJI offers a comprehensive series of choices in lifestyle items this spring and summer. Throughout the promotion period, MUJI passport (Hong Kong version) members can enjoy a 10% off on regular-priced items.

  • French Linen Jacket

    Regular Price  HK$680

    French linen becomes soft after washing, which gives a comfortable touch to the skin. The natural fibre has a light and breathable characteristic, making it a desirable choice for spring and summer wear.

  • Organic Cotton T-Shirt

    Regular Price  HK$85 - HK$150

    Made from organic cotton, the T-shirt has a supplementary seam at the collar to prevent deformation, making it soft and comfortable to wear.

  • Adjustable Raffia Hat

    Regular Price  HK$350 - HK$450

    The collapsible hat is handwoven using Raffia fibre from Madagascar, with an inner seam allowing flexible adjustment according to different head sizes. Similar children's hats are available for coordinating parent-child outfit.

  • Beads Sofa

    Regular Price  HK$1030 (Beads Sofa) / HK$250 - HK$450 (Cover of Bead Sofa)

    The cover is made from knitted fabric that does not easily deform, with fine beads filled inside the sofa to bring a unique comfort when sitting. Different choices of sofa cover are available for blending into various interior styles. The Beads Sofa has been the top-ranked product for two years continuously among the bestsellers of MUJI household items in Japan.

  • Aroma Diffuser and Essential Oil

    Regular Price  HK$490 - HK$790 (Aroma Diffuser) / HK$85 - HK$395 (Essential Oil)

    The Aroma Diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to produce mist which disperses a soft fragrance and lights up the surrounding interior environment. Different scents of essential oil including lemon, lime and eucalyptus are available for choices to create a refreshing spring and summer mood.

  • Sakura Snacks (Seasonal Limited)

    Regular Price  HK$15 - HK$28

    Snacks like Japanese mochi and marshmallow are made with salt-preserved sakura, adding a pink tone to spring season.

More Ideas for a Pleasant Life

MUJI passport (Hong Kong version) members can enjoy an extra 10% off by using the e-coupon in the mobile app.


    Based on 6 themes of "Garment, Food, Living, Travel, Education and Entertainment", MUJI BOOKS is a space connecting MUJI products and life-related books to let customers discover hints for pleasant life.

  • IDÉE

    With the principle of "Life is about everyday", IDÉE supports customers with garment, household and arts items to pursue a quality lifestyle with fruitful colors and personality. Through POOL garment made from leftover fabric, furniture with decoration and storage function, and designers'handmade pottery and art poster, life becomes fulfilling and pleasant. (IDÉE products are available at MUJI Harbour City, Lee Theatre and Cityplaza only)

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