Clear Care Skincare

Maintain skin condition balance with refreshing citrus aroma.

Clear Care Series has brought together 4 kinds of moisturising fruit extracts for a light feeling with refreshing citrus aroma. It helps revitalise skin by minimising pores, refining skin texture and maintaining sebum balance. In addition to basic care, the series also includes Clear Care Pre-lotion and Clear Care Acne Essence that help improve skin condition by gently removing hardened corneum and preventing acne respectively.

Purifies pores by removing hardened corneum gently to optimise skin condition and enhance penetration of skincare items through stratum corneum.

  • ※Free of synthetic fragrance, colouration, mineral oil and paraben. Mildly acidic.
  • ※Can be used for simple cleansing purpose

3 minutes Simple Skincare Routine

10 minutes Comprehensive Skincare Routine

With dipotassium glycyrrhizinate and DL-a-Tocpherol acetate, it helps minimise pores, smoothen skin and prevent acnes while providing adequate hydration. The gel-like essence gives moisture to skin without leaving it sticky, and its oil-free formula makes it suitable for oily skin.

  • ※Free of synthetic fragrance, colouration, mineral oil, alcohol, paraben and oil. Mildly acidic.

Maintain a healthy sebum balance while revitalising skin

Made from 4 kinds of fresh fruit extracts with natural moisturing function, the series provides gentle care to minimise pores while maintaining skin sebum balance and health. With a natural citrus fragrance, it brings a refreshing feeling.

※Free of synthetic fragrance, colouration, mineral oil and paraben. Mildly acidic.
Moisturising Function Ingredients
Lipidure (Polyquaternium-51), Sodium Hyaluronate
Natural Botanical Ingredients
Clear Care Series contains 4 kinds of fresh fruit extracts, including grape extract originated in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan to moisturise and enhance firmness of skin with translucency and improved sebum balance. ※Not applicable to Clear Care Acne Essence.

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