Facial Cleansing

Start a Refreshing Day
Rich Lather

Refreshed Skin in the Morning

Skincare starts with foam cleansing.
Morning cleansing is a good habit to keep pore clogging and promote a brighter complexion.
Choose the cleansing item with the most suitable texture for your skin and targeted to your personal needs.

Mild Face Soap

Transforms into a rich lather that gently cleanses without stripping skin of its natural sebum.

Mild Moisture Face Soap

Rich lather with natural moisturising factors to retain skin's natural sebum.

Mild Scrub Face Soap

Utilizes peach kernel to exfoliate skin gently and naturally. Sloughs away dead skin cells and dirt.

Face Cleansing Net

Used on scullery as well, the fine mesh easily creates a whip-like lather.

Foaming Ball

The ball-shaped fine-mesh net can form whip-like lather easily.

Facial Cleansing Tips

  1. Wet hands with warm water, take an appropriate amount of cleanser and lather up.
    ※ Create a rich cleansing foam by using Face Cleansing Net or Foaming Ball.
  2. Start with oily parts of the face such as t-zone and chin.
  3. Massage eyes and lips gently which are easy to dry up.
  4. Rinse off with warm water.