MUJI Shatin New Town Plaza III
Relocation Opening on 3rd December

MUJI Shatin New Town Plaza I will be relocated to Plaza III on 3rd December 2019. Since MUJI’s first footsteps in the district in 2001, our daily goods have accompanied the community for over 18 years. With an increased area of 8,000 square feet, our new store allows a more spacious and comfortable shopping environment for residents and commuters with a more diversified assortment on daily goods, serving your everyday needs on “clothing”, “living” and “eating”.

Putting home living needs of family into consideration, the relocated store features a household display area illustrating a real life application of “Compact Life”. With the use of MUJI storage furniture and items, a limited space of 250 square feet will be vividly displayed as an effective allocation of living-dining room, bedroom, with wardrobe and storage space. At the same time, our Interior Advisory Service serves to bring forward suggestions according to the everyday needs of our customers on interior assembling, creating a personalised home environment for a pleasant daily life.

Daily Basic Apparel

Mainly made of natural materials, MUJI’s apparel emphasises on comfort and functionality. This winter, choices including men’s and ladies’ Australian Down and Heat Generating Cotton Innerwear will continue to bring you natural warmth. After relocation, children’s apparel is also added to Shatin store assortment to provide daily wear choices on basic wear, accessories and homewear, catering needs of different family members.

Australian Down
Heat Generating Cotton Innerwear

Daily Household Items

After relocation, MUJI Shatin store features an increased assortment on household goods including home fabrics, blankets and kitchenware, supporting a pleasant winter life from details.

Seasonal Fabrics and Blankets

Daily Personal Care

Choosing personal care items made of natural ingredients avoids irritation while providing moisture to the skin. MUJI formulates skincare products with natural water coming from Japan mountain caves, natural botanical extracts and functional moisturising components, bringing 4 series of hair and body care items for different skin types. Apply with personal care tools like massage brushes and body towels for enhanced comfort and care every day.

Body Care Items

Daily Meal

Review of everyday eating habits is important for metropolitans’ balanced diet. The new series of “Low Sugar Snacks” includes cakes, cookies, chocolates and instant curry that contain less than 10g of sugar per pack, brining choices that are both healthy and delicious. Also available in low caffeine choices, Organic Coffee in forms of powder, beans and drip coffee bags are good matches with MUJI snacks.

Low Sugar Snacks

Themed Household Display Area ”Compact Life”

To cater to household needs of families in the community, our relocated store newly features a Household Display Area under the theme of “Compact Life”. Instead of directly emptying the space, MUJI’s “Compact Life” concept adopts an appropriate approach towards a lifestyle that features multipurpose household goods in simple design for a pleasant home environment without extra decoration. Making use of walnut furniture in natural colours and storage items in uniform sizes, our Interior Advisors has designed a modern studio flat of around 250 square feet with effective allocation of living-dining room, bedroom and wardrobe space, providing practical home living inspirations for families.

Living-Dining Room

Simply place a set of sofas in-between to separate living and dining room. For home fabrics like sofa cover and rugs, choose ivory colour tone for a natural blend with walnut furniture for a harmonious temperament. Unit sofas can be added or taken out freely according to family size or gathering needs. A LED light with floor stand next to the sofa makes it easy to read or work in the living room without taking up much space. Green foliage plants can be placed on the side table and corners or the room to add a sense of nature.

For the space near the wall, make use of it by using a stacking shelf as a TV cabinet, and using wooden drawers or rattan baskets for books or daily items storage, in order to create a neat environment with appropriate privacy. You can also place decorative items of your own choice to personalise the living space.

Bedroom and Wardrobe Space

Placing the double bed next to the living room can centralise the area for daily activities. Low design of the bed frame with a natural tone adds to the sleeping comfort.

The other side could accommodate the stainless steel unit shelf sets for hanging frequently-worn apparels and storing folded ones that are used less frequently. With the use of rattan or polyester cotton linen storage items, different apparels and accessories can be organized in each panel tidily according to the frequency of use, so that those frequently used could be fetched easily; For off-season items, under bed storage or placing on the top level of shelf would be ideal to optimize the space utilization.

Store Relocation Opening Gift Redemption

To express gratitude to customers’ continued support, customers are entitled to a complimentary Personal Care Set (worth of HK$303) for any single net spending of HK$400 or above at MUJI Shatin New Town Plaza III from 3rd to 4th December 2019 while stock lasts.

Terms and Conditions apply. For details, please refer to in-store promotional materials or contact our store staff.

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