Summer Cool

MUJI brings you a Cool Summer

MUJI provides an array of summer clothing and accessories early on in the summer. With a series of anti-UV skincare, there’s no reason not to go outdoors. Freshen up your home temperament with our airy beddings and summery household items while enjoying the mid-summer with a cup or a bowl of your own hand-made refreshments.

Summer Cool Garments

Create the effortless summer look with our garments made of Organic Cotton or French Linen with simplistic design and light accessories. Men’s and Women’s Cool Inner series allows comfort for the summer.

Organic Cotton Uneven Yarn

Woven with uneven yarn to create slubbed texture, Organic Cotton tees are light and airy, perfect for the summer. Strengthened on the collar to provide durability.

  • Mens’ Organic Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt

  • Men’s Organic Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt

  • Ladies’ Organic Cotton French Sleeve T-Shirt

  • Ladies’ Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Dress

French Linen

The airy and breezy texture of the French Linen allows sweat to be released from the body, keeping you dry in the summer.

  • Men's French Linen Washed Short Sleeve Shirt

  • Men’s French Linen Short Pants

  • Ladies’ French Linen Washed Sleeveless Blouse

  • Ladies’ French Linen Washed Sleeveless Dress

Cool Homewear and Innerwear

Created with crepe yarn, the Organic Cotton Japanese Jinbei creates less contact points between the fabric and the skin, providing it’s wearer a dry and breezy experience. Cool Innerwear Series are woven by strength-enhanced fabric that keeps you well-ventilated in the summer.

  • Mens’ Organic Cotton Jinbei

  • Men’s Smooth Cool Mesh Knit Tank Top

  • Ladies’ Cool Jersey French Sleeve With Sweat Pad

  • Ladies’ Cool Jersey Camisole

Summer Cool Accessories

Hand-woven with natural fibre from coconut leaves, the Adjustable Raffia Hat gives you comfort in the hot summer. Espadrille Cover Sandals helps reduce the pressure on the ball of the sole for walking comfort. Protect and refresh from the summer beam with anti-UV items and Refresh Sheets.

  • Adjustable Raffia Collapsible Hat

  • Ladies' Espadrille Cover Sandals

  • Sunscreening SheetSPF12・PA+

  • Refresh Sheet - 3 Packs

Summer Cool Home Living

Bed and Home Fabrics

Refresh your home with seasonal home fabrics made with different materials: Pile fabric keeps you dry while waffle blanket allows extra comfort with its non-stick nature.

  • Organic Cotton Waffle Blanket

  • Organic Cotton Pile Blanket

  • Organic Cotton Madras Check Round Seat Cushion

  • Organic Cotton Madras Check Cushion Cover

Summer Cool Home Accessories

Create a comfortable homey environment with Igusa items such as pillows and sandals or give your feet a treat with the Indian Cotton Room Sandals. The Low Noise Circulator Fan brings good air circulation without the buzz.

  • Igusa Pillow Square

  • Igusa Sandals

  • Indian Cotton Room Sandals Thong

  • Circulator Fan (Low Noise)

Summer Cool Tableware

Spend the summer with friends and family with seasonal drinks in glass tableware, refreshing to the eyes and the taste buds.

  • Storage Jar

  • Soda-Lime Glass Dessert Glass

  • Glass

  • Acrylic Water Bottle

Summer Cool Snacks

Simple home-made summer desserts and drinks create a pleasant moment in-midst the sunny season.

  • Handmade Panna Cotta

  • Instant Pineapple & Shekwasha

  • Instant Lemon & Lime Ginger

  • Baumkuchen Lemon

Summer Cool Skincare

Moisturizing and anti-UV items are a must in the hot summer. MUJI’s skincare line are created from natural water existing between the bedrocks in the remote mountains of Japan. The pH is similar to natural tears, which allows quick skin penetration, replenishing and rejuvenating. Protect your skin in combination with anti-UV items.

Anti-UV Care

Protect your skin with our anti-UV items including sunscreen sheets and anti-UV foundations.

  • Cream UV Foundation / Light Beige

  • Cream UV Foundation / Orcher

  • Liquid UV Foundation / Light Natural
    SPF 27・PA++

  • Sunscreening Sheet