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St.Valentine's day

Express Gratitude

Always say thank you to your great friends and loved one. Present the handmade sweets and heart-warming gifts as a way to express gratitude. Send blessings to experience the perfect Valentine's Day.

Kit List

Enjoy chocolate decoration, simply follow the steps to make or bake the delicious sweets in unique flavours.
MUJI's handmade kits include ingredients, mould and packaging materials, which provide what you needed to create a personalized handmade gift and express your love and gratitude on the warm Valentine's Day.

Handmade Kit Features


Handmade kits feature mould and packaging materials including transparent bags and ties for individual wrapping of sweets.

Other packaging materials such as hemp rope, gift boxes and recycled paper craft bags are available for selection, providing you the joy of handmade fun.

About using butter

It is recommended to use unsalted butter, while salted butter or margarine for cake can also be used.

If salted butter is used
The taste of the handmade sweets will be relatively salty compared to those made with unsalted butter.
If margarine for cake is used
The dough will be harder to handle and the taste of the handmade sweets will be lighter compared to those made with unsalted butter.

About couverture chocolate

Using for the handmade kits with couverture chocolate contents such as "Handmade Gateau Chocolate Cake Kit" and "Handmade Brownie Kit". The cocoa butter level of couverture chocolate provides the sweets with different level of textures and tastes. The couverture chocolate with relatively higher cocoa butter is said to be the "delicious chocolate". ※ The standard of couverture chocolate varies in different countries. In Japan, couverture chocolate contains 31% or more of cocoa butter.

MUJI Recipe

Add fresh or special ingredients according to your preference and bake the sweets with personal tastes in simple steps, which adds textures and visual enjoyment at the same time.

St. Valentine's Day Creative Recipe Contest Result

Thank you for your support! Below are the winners of "St. Valentine's Day Creative Recipe Contest" during 19th January to 11th February, 2018:

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