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Living RoomLiving Room

Stacking shelves decorated with plants serve as a room partition to create a living room that is both relaxing and provides storage. The unit sofa can be arranged in different ways. Change the layout as you like to suit your lifestyle and living space.

01 Unlimited arrangements
Sofa pieces with and without arm rests, and small and large ottomans are available. This unit sofa can be arranged in any number of ways to suit your lifestyle.
  1. Ottoman
  2. Armless chair
  3. Chairs with arms
02 Efficiently use walls and corners.
The unit shelf can be placed against the wall, and using the additional corner shelves allows efficient use of space. Arrange clothing according to ength for a streamlined appearance.
03 Purposely hang lace curtains inside the room.
Normally, lace curtains are hung against the window, but purposely hanging them on the inside of the room allows you to enjoy the material and pattern of the lace as the light shines through it.
04 For relaxing moments
Simple porcelain vessels hold room fragrances that become part of the interior ambience. Enjoy favourite fragrances according to your mood.
05 Efficient heating
Use the circulator when heating a room to circulate air around the room to increase heating ef ficiency and effectively save energy.