Furniture Price Reduction – prices of more than 200 items permanently reduced


MUJI Furniture Prices Reduced in India

MUJI Furniture Prices Reduced in India

MUJI Furniture Prices Reduced in India

MUJI Furniture Prices Reduced in India

MUJI Furniture Prices Reduced in India


– Price Reduction is permanent; not a temporary discount/offer.
– This price reduction is valid across 200+ items in the furniture category across all stores of MUJI India.
– MUJI believes in bringing good quality products at reasonable rates, and price reduction campaigns are a step towards achieving that, without compromising the quality standards.
– Please visit MUJI to experience the products.


Stay MUJI!

Welcoming a new range of Skincare Series at MUJI


You can now choose from a wider range of carefully curated range of skincare series from MUJI. The basic ingredient of all skincare is water – and MUJI uses water from the Kamaishi caves in Iwate prefecture of Japan which have rolled over rocks for decades. This makes the pH level of water so smooth that it matches the natural tears of our eyes – meaning they’re as natural as they could get, with very good absorption capabilities.


MUJI Skincare - Clear Care Series

We are happy to announce the introduction of Clear Care series which uses fruit-derived natural moisturisers for a gentle and pleasant feeling. Fruit extracts from grapes, apricots, oranges and kiwis are most effective for oily skin type, open pores and pimples.This series is also meant to improve the texture of your skin.


Skin Care Series B7- Digital -03

Choose the brightening series to overcome dark spots, pigmentation, freckles and other unnecessary fragments of the skin. Your skin deserves to be at it’s natural best, and this series is meant for just that.


MUJI Skincare - Aging Care Series

The nature provides us with all we ask for, and some of the secrets of healthier & happier skin are too found right there. Ageing care begins the day you decide; there is no ‘start age’ to use ageing care. Sooner you begin, further you delay the signs of ageing.


MUJI Skincare - Sensitive Skin Series

The harsh effects of urban-modern lifestyle are vividly visible on our facial skin. Sometimes, certain skincare products too prove to be harmful. Sensitive skincare series is truly mild – so much so that even small children can safely use these products (use skincare products for kids under adult supervision).


You can visit any MUJI store near you to learn more about the benefits of using different types of skincare series and finding the best option for your skin type, and one that matches your lifestyle. Our in-house skincare experts will help you seamlessly find what’s best for you.


Stay MUJI.





This is our period of gratitude. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for choosing MUJI. Shop using MUJI passport & get FLAT 10% OFF* on all items in store.


This offer is valid only for shopping using MUJI passport. Select items that have an ongoing discount will be available at additional 10% OFF*. Valid from 22.11.2019 to 01.12.2019.


Wrap Yourself in Warm Air


WebLightweight Down Jacket

We have used 750-fill power down with excellent heat retention and great fluffiness. Its lightweight warmth makes it perfect for use as outerwear and innerwear – depending on how cold it is. It can be folded up compactly, making it easy to carry around. Click on the down jacket image below for all down products coming at MUJI this season.

MUJI Down Jacket


Washable Wool Silk

A lustrous knit made of merino wool and silk combination that is soft on the skin. It can be washed at home for easy care. Click on the image below to view all merino wool products available at MUJI stores.

MUJI Yak Wool Sweater



Yak Wool

Warmth from 3,000m altitudes. Yaks live on the high plains in bitter cold, making their wool coats particularly good at retaining heat. Adding sheep wool to yak wool makes these knits softer and easier to care for.

MUJI Wool Silk Sweater Cardigan


Merino Wool

Merino wool sweaters are made of high gauge merino wool so it is gentle to the skin. It can be washed at home, making it perfect for everyday wear.

MUJI Merino Wool Sweater



** Availability of all styles and options depends on stock condition at the respective stores. Have a safe and joyful winter season!

Skincare Day – November




MUJI is back with the Skincare Day. Visit MUJI stores and connect with our in-house Skincare Experts. Based on how much time you can spare, we shall help you create your daily skincare routine. The Skincare Days would be on from the 01st to the 3rd of November 2019.

Choose high moisture products if you have very dry skin, moisture items if you have medium to dry skin or combination skin type and light if you have medium to oily or oily skin. However, a test is highly recommended before you choose your products.

You can try the different variants at the store itself, or you may choose to pick up trial packs available in small sizes if you’d like to try them per your convenience later. These small items are available for sale at all stores. You may also like to mix different variants to make one set of toning water and moisturiser.

The Sensitive Skincare Series is mild, which can be used by people of all ages, including kids – as it is very gentle on the skin. Aging care series has no age bar – the sooner you act, the further you shall delay the signs of aging.



Wish you healthy skin and happy days, always.


Do write to us on if you have any queries.


#MUJIDiwali Offers

Posted: 10 Oct, 2019

This festive season, avail a flat 20% OFF* on many of your favourites from 24th Oct. to 03rd Nov. 2019. You can avail all these discounts by shopping using MUJI passport and even without it. Shop as you like, get the most of the offers at MUJI.

Diwali 20% off post-01



Diwali 20% off post-02




Diwali 20% off post-03


Diwali 20% off post-04


Diwali 20% off post-05


Diwali 20% off post-06


Diwali 20% off post-07


Diwali 20% off post-08


Diwali 20% off post-09


Diwali 20% off post-10


Diwali 20% off post-11


Diwali 20% off post-12


Diwali 20% off post-13


Diwali 20% off post-14




Terms & Conditions:

– Offers valid on selected items from each series.
– All offers subject to availability of given products in each store.
– Offers valid until stocks of discounted items last.
– Any images used are for representation purposes only. Products of the same colour/style/size/material may or may not be available on discount or for sale.
– Offers are valid for all shoppers – shopping or not using MUJI passport. Click here to download the app on Android or iOS devices.
– Do check with the store teams to confirm the offers & discounts on your selected items.
– MUJI India reserves the rights to modify/add/end discounts without any prior intimation.See you at MUJI!

Tokyo Contest Winners Announcement

Posted: 3 Oct, 2019

Dear All,
We cannot thank you enough for such amazing pictures. You shared how beautifully MUJI fits in your homes and offices and we are more than grateful.

It was not easy to choose just three out of so many entries. Even other than the below-mentioned winners, so many of the entries were no less than winners. We will soon have some of them displayed at all our stores as a small gesture  of our thankfulness.


Winners are:

1. Nitin G.
2. Snehal P.
3. Sugandha K.

Hearty congratulations to all three of you! Further, many among the other participants’ pictures will be shared at the stores.We would love to share the beautiful glimpses from your homes/work places with all customers visiting the MUJI stores.

Winners have been chosen as per the guidelines shared, shots in at least two or more angles, real pictures that show how you use MUJI at your home or office on a daily basis. They didn’t look staged, choreographed or artificially arranged just for the contest. Anything ‘natural’ is just like anything ‘MUJI’ – and we loved that in these pictures. Further, some of you have also shared lovely stories of you, your homes and MUJI. We are honoured and obliged. In a few days following, we shall share some of these on the MUJI passport app.

We shall reach out to the winners individually and request the required details for confirmation & authenticity check. If any of the winner’s entries are not in line with the T&Cs shared earlier, MUJI India reserves the right to disqualify their entry. No objections or contentions in this regard will be entertained.

Once again, thank you all for participating!



MUJI Diwali

Posted: 3 Oct, 2019

Diwali Square


Diwali is here! While you must have started preparing for this beautiful festival, here’s a little something from MUJI.

If you’re looking to simplify your home or workplace cleaning, we have got you covered. Do try the cleaning system which has just one handle rod with many attachments, allowing you to use is as per the need (wiping, scrubbing, etc.)

Bring home your favourites and celebrate Diwali with MUJI.

Choose from the wide range of household items and garments as the perfect items for gifting to your family, friends and loved ones. For personalised gifting, there are lots of stamps at the store. You can also customize the gifts by choosing whichever you like and wrapping them in recycled cotton pouches.

Stay tuned for exciting offers to bring home MUJI. May this festival shower blessings, prosperity and happiness in your lives.

Skincare Week – September

Posted: 23 Sep, 2019

MUJI Toning Water

MUJI Skincare week is back – this time for a second time in this month. From 23rd to 29th, you can visit any of the MUJI stores and speak to our skincare experts. They will help you identify your skin type, so you can choose light, medium or high moisture products. This process helps in providing the adequate amount of moisture and hydration to your skin.

Further, depending on your lifestyle, eating habits and skin condition, you can choose from the two series: Sensitive Skincare series or the Aging Care Series.

If you have enough time on your hand, you must complete the full daily routine –
i. wash – with face soap & cleansers to remove dust, makeup, excess oil, etc.
ii. toning – using toning water to hydrate your skin
iii. moisturising – to seal the toning water so it seeps in well and also to absorb the contents of moisturiser properly.

In case you’re short on time on some days, you can use the All in One Gel which helps you complete the skincare routine in just one step. Simply wash your face and apply the All in One Gel (any time, i.e. morning or evening; whichever time suits you better).


Get 20% OFF* on face care products and earn 3X miles when you shop using MUJI passport.


Terms & Conditions:

– Offers valid on selected items (face care products).
– All offers subject to availability of given products in each store.
– Offers valid until stocks of discounted items last.
– Any images used are for representation purposes only.
– Offers are valid for shopping using MUJI passport only. Click here to download the app on Android or iOS devices.
– Do check with the store teams to confirm the offers & discounts on your selected items.
– Additional miles will be granted on 01/10/2019 (after the earning period ends). You will be able earn regular miles as usual.
– MUJI India reserves the rights to modify/add/end discounts without any prior intimation.See you at MUJI!