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MUJI Week for you



We are grateful to each and every one of you for joining the MUJI family, believing in our philosophy and helping us spread the word. It is our constant effort to make you feel home at MUJI, and not just a retail store. Your smiles and critical feedback keeps us going, keeps us on our toes. Thank you.

MUJI Week (20/11 to 29/11) is our opportunity to express this gratitude from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for choosing MUJI.

As a token of thankfulness, we extend a discount to each and every product in the store. The only time when you get a FLAT 10% OFF* on all items. This discount can be clubbed with existing offers (by way of an additional 10% OFF*). You can avail these offers by shopping using MUJI passport. 

Kindly Note:
– Offers valid throughout the MUJI Week, i.e. 20th November to 29th November 2020.
– 10% discount is valid on all items in the store.
– This discount can be availed using MUJI passport only.
– Additional 10% discount valid on selected items which have an existing/on-going discount. This 10% shall be calculated on the reduced value after deducting the current discount.
– Please feel free to check with the store teams and confirm the offers/discounts on your selected items.
– MUJI India reserves the rights to modify/add/end discounts without any prior intimation.

See you at MUJI!

#MyMUJIStory by Ariff



Ariff truly enjoys MUJI by blending the products in how own style, and the results are remarkable.
“I found the PP drawers from MUJI very interesting. The fact that they’re stackable got me thinking about the various ways I could use these, and I ended up with this. They’ve gone from a few drawers to a full wall now.
The material is so neat that it fits just right in the room, without looking too bulky. I can easily spot the pair I’m looking for, whilst it is not completely transparent which is a plus.
My MUJI Stories by Ariff
All my footwear is pretty neatly and safely stored now.
This room itself has a special MUJI feel. Relaxing on the beads sofa with calming fragrance from the aroma diffuser is just perfect.”

Pleasant giving




This festive season, while we may not be physically close to all our friends and family as every year, it is an opportunity to express that no matter the distance, we always care and appreciate their presence in our lives.

white porcelain
Special food items and sweets being the core of celebrations, it is ideal to serve them in dishes that complement the preparations. You can avail a Flat 10% OFF* on acacia and porcelain dishes.

DM us and we’ll help you with gifting all your favourite MUJI home essentials and comfort clothing to your family & friends across India.


We wish you happy times ahead. Stay safe & healthy.

Make sponge habits a habit of bathing


【Tips for daily life】
Cleaning the bath, which tends to be left behind.However, it is also true that if you leave it in use, it will become slimy and moldy.
Clean the soap scum and sebum stains that accumulate each time you use them as much as possible on the same day.
For example, just wipe the bathtub and washroom with a bath sponge every time you drain the hot water from the bathtub.
While the dirt is soaking up with the steam of the bath, it is easy to remove the dirt just by rubbing it with a bath sponge.
“Urethane foam three-layer bath sponge” that drains well is hung on the bath so that it can be used hygienically and quickly at any time.
If you want to wash it more comfortably, use a plant-derived “bath detergent”.
Stat safe & healthy.

Sleep comfortably in seamless pajamas

Posted: 14 Oct, 2020

【Tips for daily life】
Sleep comfortably in seamless pajamas

When we are asleep, we are constantly turning over and changing our posture.

The number of times you turn over is different for each person, but it is important to be able to turn over firmly when you want to turn over.

If you sleep in the same position all the time, only a part of your body will be overloaded, and you will be more likely to feel muscle pain and posture distortion.

Also, by compressing only the blood vessels in the lower part, blood circulation deteriorates, it becomes difficult for waste products in the body to flow, and the body gets cold.

To get a good night’s sleep and get rid of tiredness, take measures that do not prevent you from turning over.

“Pajamas with no seams on the sides” does not cause the seams to hit the skin and press the blood vessels even when lying down.

Just like when you’re awake, when you’re sleeping, your posture should change appropriately.

Mattresses should not be too hard or too soft so you can turn over comfortably.

Stay safe & healthy.

Serve sweets neatly

Posted: 14 Oct, 2020

【Tips for daily life】201001_01

In addition to relaxing time, refraining from going out and the spread of work at home have increased the chances of spending time at home.

When you are modest in going out, create a small special feeling in your daily life.


For example, you can serve the usual sweets little by little like hors d’oeuvres and enjoy the hospitality at the cafe at home.
Put a bite-sized candy on a warm wooden bowl or your favorite tableware and serve it nicely.

Arranging several types will add to the fun of selection. With a little effort, “a moment with sweets” can be made even more polite and luxurious.


Stay safe & healthy.

When the sun goes down, make your drink caffeine-less

Posted: 14 Oct, 2020

【Tips for Daily Life】201008_01

As we spend more and more time at home, we’ve begun to enjoy a café-like tea break at home to take a breather.

Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and green tea can also provide powerful support when working for, or working from home.

However, enjoying such caffeinated drinks late into the night can make it difficult to fall asleep.


If you want to sleep with natural sleepiness, it’s best to avoid caffeinated drinks. Preferably have them until the afternoon snack, or latest until the sun goes down.

Switch to decaffeinated herbal or grain teas, rooibos tea or decaffeinated coffee when you spend your evening at your home café.


Stay safe & healthy.

MUJI DLF Mall of India, Noida is now open

Posted: 14 Oct, 2020


Dear Customers,
We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding. As per guidelines from the authorities, the MUJI store at DLF Mall of India, Noida has reopened for all. You can visit the store from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.
We have taken deliberate measures to ensure the safety of all our customers and staff.
We ensure all possible care from our side and assure a safe shopping environment for you.
Stay safe & healthy.

Pleasant, somehow

Posted: 7 Sep, 2020



To be human is to be a living being that cleans. But this does not refer to polishing to a shine either objects or our environment. If you observe a bit, you’ll understand that cleaning is an activity that establishes a comfortable balance between nature and the man-made.
Humans are the only animals that create cities and environments by arranging them to suit us. This is why the environment that has been modified by humans according to their needs is written as “人工” in Japanese, literally “human+ work/craft/ingenuity”, and translated as “man-made”. The man-made should be comfortable, but when there is a proliferation of materials that are too corrosive or erosive of nature, like plastic and concrete, people begin to long for nature. However, if we completely leave nature alone, dust and fallen leaves pile up, and plants thrive wildly. This is probably why human beings have lived with moderate acceptance, and moderate abatement, of nature.
Even when you build a house or create an outdoor space, it’s uncouth and tasteless if the manmade aspects are overbearing. Let nature take its course to some extent; don’t over-rake the leaves, or trim the greenery to the extreme. The secret of cleaning may be to discover moderate comfort: places where nature and the man-made struggle against one another, like the water’s edge, where the breaking waves wash the sandy beach.
In 2019, we went around the world photographing scenes in which people were pictured cleaning. This was before COVID-19 swept the globe. We had been wondering if the very essence of human beings lies dormant in the everyday and ordinary work of cleaning, which transcends culture and civilization. Today, when the entire world has stopped, these photos and videos make us miss our ordinary routines. No matter how technology advances in the future, people are living things, embracing a rhythm of life that perpetually resonates in the depth of the body. We can move forward heeding this natural internal rhythm.

Click on the image above to view the MUJI Cleaning System.