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To be human is to be a living being that cleans. But this does not refer to polishing to a shine either objects or our environment. If you observe a bit, you’ll understand that cleaning is an activity that establishes a comfortable balance between nature and the man-made.
Humans are the only animals that create cities and environments by arranging them to suit us. This is why the environment that has been modified by humans according to their needs is written as “人工” in Japanese, literally “human+ work/craft/ingenuity”, and translated as “man-made”. The man-made should be comfortable, but when there is a proliferation of materials that are too corrosive or erosive of nature, like plastic and concrete, people begin to long for nature. However, if we completely leave nature alone, dust and fallen leaves pile up, and plants thrive wildly. This is probably why human beings have lived with moderate acceptance, and moderate abatement, of nature.
Even when you build a house or create an outdoor space, it’s uncouth and tasteless if the manmade aspects are overbearing. Let nature take its course to some extent; don’t over-rake the leaves, or trim the greenery to the extreme. The secret of cleaning may be to discover moderate comfort: places where nature and the man-made struggle against one another, like the water’s edge, where the breaking waves wash the sandy beach.
In 2019, we went around the world photographing scenes in which people were pictured cleaning. This was before COVID-19 swept the globe. We had been wondering if the very essence of human beings lies dormant in the everyday and ordinary work of cleaning, which transcends culture and civilization. Today, when the entire world has stopped, these photos and videos make us miss our ordinary routines. No matter how technology advances in the future, people are living things, embracing a rhythm of life that perpetually resonates in the depth of the body. We can move forward heeding this natural internal rhythm.

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Fun with MUJI Sticky Notes


MUJI sticky notes

Sticky notes can be used in very creative & useful ways to organise your notes and writings.

Sticky notes shaped like cats in various poses can be used to break the rectangular monotony of books.



You can use it in various ways such as bookmarks and indexes.

You may place the memo on the edge of the paper for easy reference.


Enjoy your writing/reading time with a range of sticky notes options from MUJI.


Iconic Indian Tea Glasses, Now at MUJI


Indian Cutting Tea glasses from MUJI

Tea is just like a staple beverage in India. In addition to food stalls, you can also find many tea shops on the street. Locals readily take advantage of these spots to have a cup of tea with friends, or just to take a break, spending time as they please.
You can find these iconic tea glasses from India at MUJI. We prepared packs of 3 to buy & maintain sets easily for friends and family to share tea together.
New product, now available at MUJI stores near you.

MUJI Palladium, Mumbai, is now open


MUJI store at Palladium, Lower Parel Mumbai is now opwn for customers to shop from

Dear Customers,
We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding. As per guidelines from the authorities, the MUJI store at Palladium, Mumbai has reopened for all. You can visit the store from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm.
We ensure all possible care from our side and assure a safe shopping environment for you.
Stay safe & healthy.

#MyMUJIStory by Kavya

Posted: 23 Jul, 2020

customer experience of using MUJI pens and notebooks

Kavya shares a few words about MUJI Stationery.

“The thing about MUJI stationery is its simplicity. I love the aesthetic, for one – it all works in a minimal way that I really enjoy.

The notebooks are excellent because the lines aren’t super dark – making it far less of a strain on my eyes. The fact that these specific notebooks aren’t too thick or heavy makes them perfect as my bullet journal, and for case summaries in college.

customer testimonial / experience of using Japanese MUJI stationery

I used to hate pens under 0.7 mm tips, but then I tried the MUJI 0.38 ones, and no kidding, I’ve been raving about them to anyone that will listen. The ink flow is so smooth and doesn’t skip. No scratchiness here.

MUJI stationery is excellent for people who are looking for good quality study tools that they can enjoy using.”


You can connect with Kavya on Instagram @kjstudying.

Home Shopping – Mumbai, Delhi NCR & Bengaluru

Posted: 20 Jul, 2020

shop muji from home and get doorstep delivery all over Mumbai, Delhi NCR & Bengaluru

Dear Customer,
If you’d like a delivery in Mumbai, Delhi NCR or Bengaluru, please fill your details here:

Our team member will connect with you at the earliest.

For all other areas, we hope to serve you there too, soon.

Thank you for your patience & understanding.
Stay safe & healthy.

Wrapped cool & refreshing air

Posted: 14 Jul, 2020

【Tips for Daily Life】


Nights when it isn’t raining may often be stuffy and uncomfortable. It’s important for bedding to feel dry on the skin.

A combination of highly moisture-absorbent hemp and Lyocell, derived from eucalyptus creates a naturally cool feeling.

breathable organic cotton bed linen by MUJI

Its high moisture-releasing properties allow it to dry quickly after washing, making it a comfortable bedding for this season.


Stay safe & healthy.

To change your mood, create a habit of moving your body

Posted: 6 Jul, 2020

【Tips for Daily Life】

MUJI Walker - active wear from MUJI

With the spread of self-restraint and working from home, more and more people are getting into the habit of doing light exercise in their daily lives.

If you have a few minutes to spare, you can quickly change into comfortable clothes, do some exercises and stretching to change your mood.

MUJI Walker - athliesure by MUJI (Active Wear collection)

When working from home, try to get some exercise at the end of the workday, such as a walk or jog, to get a pleasant sweat. Along with that, it also allows you to successfully switch your mind from work to personal life.


Stay safe & healthy.


Try cutting your hair at home

Posted: 26 Jun, 2020

【Tips for Daily Life】

muji scissors for cuttring hair

Hair grows steadily over time. A full-blown haircut may be difficult, but if it’s just a matter of adjusting the length or bangs, cutting your family’s or your own hair at home is not a difficult task.

The important thing to keep in mind when cutting your hair is to separate it tightly, little by little, and carefully.

Divide the hair to be cut vertically and horizontally and block it so that you can calmly proceed when inserting scissors.


First, divide your hair into small sections and block it so that you can calmly proceed when inserting scissors. Also, it’s a good idea to put the scissors vertically against the hair and gradually cut them while checking.

If you have a pair of scissors for cutting hair, it will be easier to put together a more natural finish.