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Kapok- Nature’s softest gift


Kapok clothing is a fun way to infuse your life with a creative and unexpected element.

With a passion for a pleasant life, we built our clothing by focusing on quality with the intention to offer our customers a more sustainable alternative to low-quality, throwaway garments. We strive to make Kapok Clothing’s garments as good-looking and durable as they are durable, offering a complete wardrobe of high quality clothes that will last longer than many standard clothing lines do. It gives you a fluffy and comfortable feeling when wearing kapok apparel. Kapok is also quick-drying and is easy to clean. Kapok clothing’s lightweight feel makes it perfect for sporting activities such as hiking, cycling, running as well as daily wear at work or home.

Kapok is a fabric made from a plant fiber found only in Asia, mainly India. This fiber is soft to the touch, light weight, easy to wash and lasts for years.

MUJI has launched an exclusive Kapok line consisting of shirts, shirt jackets, tuck pants for men and women.

Shop nature’s softest gift – Kapok available in menswear and ladieswear exclusively at MUJI Palladium, Mumbai and MUJI Mall of India, New Delhi.

See you at MUJI!