Skincare Week – September


MUJI Toning Water

MUJI Skincare week is back – this time for a second time in this month. From 23rd to 29th, you can visit any of the MUJI stores and speak to our skincare experts. They will help you identify your skin type, so you can choose light, medium or high moisture products. This process helps in providing the adequate amount of moisture and hydration to your skin.

Further, depending on your lifestyle, eating habits and skin condition, you can choose from the two series: Sensitive Skincare series or the Aging Care Series.

If you have enough time on your hand, you must complete the full daily routine –
i. wash – with face soap & cleansers to remove dust, makeup, excess oil, etc.
ii. toning – using toning water to hydrate your skin
iii. moisturising – to seal the toning water so it seeps in well and also to absorb the contents of moisturiser properly.

In case you’re short on time on some days, you can use the All in One Gel which helps you complete the skincare routine in just one step. Simply wash your face and apply the All in One Gel (any time, i.e. morning or evening; whichever time suits you better).


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