Linen is the choice.

Strong and supple. Linen fits better every time you wash it.
Wrap it. Let it comfort your bare feet.
Introducing linen, which will fit even better into your daily life the longer you use it.

100% pure linen

Most Muji linen products, clothing as well as household goods,
have been manufactured with 100% pure linen.
You can feel the purity of linen on your skin.

  • Characteristics

    The fibers of linen, made from the flax plant, are said to be especially strong compared to other natural fibers. One of its properties is its increase in fiber strength when it gets wet. We hope you will enjoy seeing the changes to its deep, soft texture as you wash and use it.

  • The environment
    in which flax is grown

    Flax is grown carefully in a natural environment which has large temperature swings between day and night. Since it is a cold region, strong and supple hemp is grown.

  • Organic linen

    We have started to use organically grown linen in a part of our clothing products. Together with our manufacturers, we grow flax without the use of any artificial fertilizers or pesticides.