How can I exchange MUJI Mile to MUJI Shopping Point?

Earn MUJI Miles to upgrade your membership stage and receive MUJI Shopping Points. Points can be applied to purchases the day after they are awarded. Reach Silver and Gold stages to earn Miles quicker.

Membership Stage Standard Bronze Silver Gold
MUJI Mile 9,999 or less 10,00049,999 50,00099,999 100,000 or above
Additional Mile bonus - - +20% +50%
MUJI Mile MUJI Shopping Point
Normal 9,999or less -
Bronze 10,000 ~ 49,999 -
Silver 50,000 ~ 99,999 +20%
Gold 100,000or above +50%
  • Receive 200 Shopping Points for every 10,000 Miles earned.
  • Your membership stage is upgraded automatically when you earn enough Miles.
  • MUJI Shopping Point will be issued 10 days after the required miles have been attained. In case of refund or other factors that cause membership stage to be downgraded within the issuance period, no MUJI Shopping Point will be issued.
  • MUJI Shopping Points awarded for reaching a new membership stage expire after 90 days.
  • MUJI Mile or MUJI Shopping Point cannot be shared with, presented as gift, loaned, pawned, or transferred to any other users, or combined with those held by any other users.
  • Member can earn a maximum 1,000 points at Gold Stage. After Gold Stage, member can continue to earn MUJI Mile and every 10,000 miles accrued thereafter will be rewarded by extra 200 points. Membership stage will not be further upgraded after Gold Stage.
  • All membership stages are reset to zero Miles on 31st March every year.
  • During in-store purchase, you can earn 1 MUJI Mile for every INR 1 transaction.
  • You can earn MUJI Mile only when you present your MUJI passport before making a payment. MUJI Mile is calculated based on the net amount of transaction at rate of 1 MUJI Mile = 1 INR.