How to confirm ID and PIN?

You may check your ID and PIN on "ID / PIN Confirmation" page. You can find the page by tapping the main menu which is located at the top left corner of MUJI passport:

1. Tap the thumbnail at top left corner of MUJI passport to access main menu

2. Tap “ID / PIN Confirmation”

Ways to safeguard your ID and PIN

Tap “Copy to Email” on "ID / PIN Confirmation" page and email your ID and PIN to your personal email. In case of reinstallation of MUJI passport due to mobile loss or change of device, enter ID and PIN indicated in the email for account recovery.


ID and PIN are the only information to identify MUJI passport account, please keep your ID and PIN safely. We are unable to recover user's ID and PIN. User will be unable to use the accrued MUJI Mile, MUJI Shopping Point and coupons in case of loss of ID and PIN.

► How to recover ID in case of changing mobile device or reinstallation of MUJI passport?