What should I do when I cannot check in?

• iOS
Go to Settings > Privacy > Location > passport, enable location services after entering the page.

• Android
You may enable location service on “Notification / Display Settings” page which can be accessed through the main menu at top left corner of MUJI passport.

1. Tap the thumbnail at top left corner of MUJI passport to access main menu

2. Tap “Notification / Display Settings”

3. Turn on “Allow using current location”

Please confirm if the GPS function is set as “allowed" at your mobile device. (Subject to the mobile device model, setting options may vary. For any queries on GPS function setting, please refer to your mobile device manual or visit the provider's website.)

Tap the icons such as “passport” or “My Favourites” at the bottom of the screen, and browse the map again.You may now check in at correct location.

If you are still unable to check in after the above procedure, please confirm if your mobile device is receiving signal properly.

Or else, you may reinstall MUJI passport. Please mark down your ID and PIN before uninstalling MUJI passport on your device. (If you are unable to check in due to mobile device operating system or hardware specifications, please contact your mobile device provider.)