What shoud I do in case of reinstallation of MUJI passport due to change of mobile device?

Please reinstall MUJI passport after changing mobile device. Enter ID and PIN on “Account Recovery” page. If you have authorized Facebook or Instagram account, please tap the respective buttons and enter corresponding account information to recover the below records:

● MUJI Mile
● MUJI Shopping Point
● Coupons
● Name
● Email
● Date of Birth
● Gender
● Check-in stamp record
● "My Favourites" list
● Purchase Record
● Phone number

1. Tap “Account Recovery”

2. Tap recovery method and enter correspondence information

ID and PIN are the only information to identify MUJI passport account. Please keep your ID and PIN safely. Based on personal data protection and privacy policy, user will be unable to process account enquiry in case of loss of ID and PIN.

If you have authorized Facebook or Instagram account for MUJI passport, you can recover MUJI Mile and MUJI Shopping Point records by tapping respective button without entering ID and PIN.

Please authorize Facebook or Instagram account to facilitate MUJI passport ID and PIN recovery.