Welcome to MUJIMUJI tax-free services in Japan

In order to offer more enjoyable and fun shopping at MUJI for everyone visiting Japan from abroad,
we will support our guests' shopping experiences.

To you who will visit Japan

List of tax-free MUJI stores in Japan

Tax-free shopping procedure

Line up at the register with the "Tax-free" symbol.

At the time of check-out, present your passport.

*Photocopies are not permitted. Japan immigration stamp is required.

*The tax exemption process takes some time, so please be sure to leave some room in your schedule when visiting us.

Eligible Applicants

Non-resident visitors from overseas

  • Foreign nationals who have stayed in Japan for less than six months.
  • Japanese citizen who live abroad for more than two years and temporarily stayed in Japan for less than six months.
  • Must be applied in person.
  • Not applicable for stay from the date of re-entry.

Eligible Price of Purchase

General merchandise and consumables are subject to different conditions relating to tax exemption amounts.
It is not possible to combine the amounts spent on general merchandise and consumable goods.

General merchandise (Clothing, shoes, handbags, etc.)

Total amount spent in a single store (on the same day of purchase)
5,400 yen (tax included) and up

Consumables (Food, cosmetics, etc.)

Total amount spent in a single store
(on the same day of purchase)
5,400 to 540,000 yen (tax included)

*Consumables will be packaged in a way designated by the Japanese government. Do not open the package before leaving Japan.

*If the items are consumed inside Japan, consumption tax will not be exempted.

Combined Purchases(General Merchandise & Consumables)

Total amount spent in a single store (on the same day of purchase)
5,400 to 540,000 yen (tax included)

* Both general merchandise and consumables will be wrapped in special packaging.
These items may not be used or consumed in Japan.

Points to note

  • Items purchased within Japan cannot be returned or exchanged overseas
  • The tax exemption only applies to items purchased for personal use. (Not applicable to items for commercial use)
  • When you return to your country, the products must be brought outside of Japan with you.
    (Consumables must be taken outside of Japan within 30 days of purchase.)
  • Please pay attention to the expiry date on food packaging.
  • The tax refund response time might be different from the business time.
  • Tax exemption support services are offered only on the day of purchase, within service hours.
  • We do not offer delivery to locations outside of Japan.
  • Regarding the use of electrical appliances overseas:
    While Japan uses 100V power, many other countries and regions use 110-120V or 220-240V power. The shapes of plugs and outlets can also differ. Therefore, MUJI consumer electronics products sold in Japan cannot be used overseas.
    MUJI consumer electronics products are intended for use within Japan. The warranty is valid within Japan only.
    Please note that MUJI bears no responsibility in the event that these products are used outside of Japan.

MUJI Recommendations

Hard Shell Suitcase with Adjustable Height Handle and Wheel Lock

Freedom of adjustability and security.The handle height is adjustable at a 10mm pitch, to suit various heights and situations. Use the lock on the back to secure the wheels when on a train or bus.


Aroma Diffuser

The Aroma Diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to vaporise water and the essential oil in the tank to produce a cool, dry, fragrant mist.
Includes transformer with EU and UK plug attachments.
The white cylinder also houses a lamp that shines with an ambient glow and has 2 light settings.
It's flame free and safe for use round children and pets.


[Sensitive Skin] Light Moisturizing Toning Water

Made from natural water.As water is the main ingredient of skin care products, we took great care in selecting Quality water, using only natural water drawn from a cave in Kamaishi-shi, Iwate prefecture.
This water has slowly filtered naturally over decades to become ultra-soft water that soaks quickly into the skin due to its fine particles.
Water that tastes good to drink is also kind on the skin.


Irregularly Sized–Strawberry Covered With White Chocolate

Irregular size but same delicious tasteIrregularly sized whole fruits, which save us the time to select, used and covered with a thin layer of chocolate.
You can enjoy the taste of fruits.