MUJI 無印良品

GACHA prototype made its debut in Helsinki,Finland on March 8, 2019

GACHA Early Pilot Program ーStarted from June 26th, 2019 in Espoo City, Finlandー

A toy capsule, a universal shape that embodies joy and excitement, is moving around the city with people in it. From such an image, the design of the GACHA shuttle bus was born.

GACHA, with a digital map and sensing technology, is a “self-driving” bus that functions under all-weather conditions, such as heavy rain, fog, and snow.

MUJI, proposing "a pleasant life" in multiple countries and regions of the world, is participating in this project as a design partner.

Individually owned cars have created freedom of movement but also disparities in use. GACHA aims for “shared mobility”, a new kind of public transportation that anyone can use equally and easily.

In urban areas, transportation networks are already well developed. But, there are still many regions in the world without sufficient means of transportation.
In an aging society, problems such as shortages of drivers will increase.
GACHA demonstrates its powerful potential to be a safer and easier means of transportation, not just in urban areas, but also in suburbs and regions that have suffered population decline.

A self-driving system that runs while accurately tracing a digital map, just like an invisible railway.
GACHA can not only drive on a fixed route. It can operate more efficiently by responding to user’s requests and finding the optimal route.
GACHA can even take a route that includes narrow lanes, which are normally difficult for regular buses to pass through.

When you want to go out, you can check where GACHA is at that moment, wait for it to come near you, and then get on right there.

The spacious interior with no driver's seat provides a comfortable ride with rounded bench-style seating. Natural conversation may also arise between the people riding together.

Even when you are on the go, since you don’t have to worry about when your ride is coming. You can spend your time more effectively.

GACHA also seamlessly connects with existing transportation services.
Using the app, you can select the best route and transportation methods according to the situation, and transfer between different transportation services with ease.

GACHA not only carries people, but can also offer various services.

It will be especially useful in areas with little mobility, and in suburbs as well as regions that have suffered population decline where there are few supermarkets and public facilities.
Easy and flexible mobility will lead to the birth of encounters between people, bustling crowds, and new forms of local communities.

Bringing “a pleasant life” to many people, cute round buses travel around the city and countryside. GACHA aims to be a platform that brings peace and happiness.

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