Stay Warm & Toasty — With Flannel

In this season, when the bracing morning and evening breezes make you feel chilly. Treat your skin to stuff that's comfy and warm. These soft and feathery feel shirts come with napped natural cotton inside and out. The soft feel cotton flannel — that also excels at keeping warmth inside — is ideal for clothing that goes on bare skin like pajamas as well as bedclothes.

Organic Cotton — Caring for the Environment and the Farmers

Organic cotton refers to cotton that has been grown on soil that has not been treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides for at least three years. Aiming for farming that is sustainable and wholesome for the producers as well as the environment, at MUJI, we have been working to increase the percentage of organic cotton for more than 20 years. And as a result, nearly all of the cotton in our clothing comes from organic cotton.
At MUJI, using organic cotton for clothing has become something we naturally do rather than something extraordinary.


Skin-Friendly Printing

We use skin-friendly prints so size tags won't rub on your skin.


MUJI wear

MUJI wear is clothing that's natural; one that allows the person to be their natural self every day. It's like cuddling up gently, cozily — such is "MUJI wear" clothing. Through happiness, sorrows, and the simpler — nothing specials, let's appreciate the clothes that stay with us through this "everyday life." Clothes that don't get in the way of the natural selves of those who wear them — that's the one quality that we cherish the most at MUJI.


MUJI Cotton

Cotton and Pesticides

Cotton cultivation demands a large amount of pesticide, so much so that it is said to account for about a quarter of the world's pesticide use — growing cotton requires a lot of time and effort. It's not hard to imagine that all of that pesticide residue lingering in the soil can have major consequences on the growers, the animals, and the people who live nearby.

Materials That Are Wholesome for the Ones Who Make Them Too

At MUJI, we craft our products while upholding the spirit of "wholesome living." It wouldn't truly be wholesome living if the ones who produce the materials for the products we make are exposed to danger. We are dedicated to sustainable farming that is beneficial to the environment and producers. And so, we decided on using Organic Cotton — which is grown on soil that has not been treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides for at least three years.

Manufacturing that Connects with the Growers

Still, organic cotton makes up less than 1% of all cotton produced; this is because the yield of organic cotton is only about 70% per planted area — compared to ordinary cotton grown using agrochemicals.

To solve this, we at MUJI have started many initiatives that take into consideration the impact on the environment, the farmers, the local people, and the ecosystem.

Learning about the process of producing organic cotton deepened our appreciation of the importance of the materials that go into crafting our products. And so, in 2014, our product developers visited farms around the world to experience hands-on sowing or harvesting — according to the season.

And Manifestly

As the efforts came to fruition, by 2018, nearly all of the clothes we made were made using organic cotton — to the point that in 2019, we no longer needed to explicitly mention "Made with Organic Cotton" on our products.

To continue to spread organic cotton farming, in 2021, we started an initiative providing farmers in India with two free seeds of organic cotton for each T-shirt we sell.

And naturally, being implementers of using organic cotton, we wish to keep up wholesome manufacturing — beneficial to the growers and the buyers.