At MUJI, we carefully select the materials in consideration of the users, producers, and nature, and how we can contribute over the long term to the lives of people around the world. In this campaign, we peek into the lives of lovely people from different lines of work, and how MUJI linen apparels can be worn as a simple, comfortable clothing in various settings of daily life.

Meet Priscilla and Davian, a husband-and-wife duo whom have founded BeFound which seeks to equip a generation with beauty knowledge. They envision a future filled with beauty savvy individuals who embrace and understand their skin.

Can you describe your profession / line of work?
P: At BeFound, we educate individuals with good Skincare regime & Makeup application techniques that complement their features. The goal is to equip our students with the knowledge and understanding of what products and techniques would suit their varied needs.

What's your typical day like?
P: We start our day with coffee and a good brunch! We prioritise greens in our meals most times. Part of caring for your skin and body is also to nourish yourself well. We set our success list and get our day going with lots of communication and brainstorming for the business!
D: Coffee, work, food, work, rest - Haha.

Is there a mantra that you live by?
P: A step at a time!
D: Enjoy life :)

How do you stay organized and prepare quickly for each workshop? Any organizing or storage tips you would like to share?
P: Yes, MUJI rattan brown storage boxes and plastic PP storage boxes are my go-to! I have been using them for years, and they keep me very organised and allow me to know where all our beauty products are kept! Set-up only takes about 15 minutes because I am that organised with these boxes! I highly recommend them!

What is the secret to great skin, and could you share with us one beauty tip that works?
P: Haha! Do not buy what works for your friend! Know your skin, understand skincare ingredients, then you will know what you can use for your skin :)

Describe your style in 3 words.
P: Classy, Neutrals, Staples
D: Timeless, Simple, Easy

How has your style changed over the years?
P: I used to wear a lot more dresses. However, being in this line of work, pants and jumpsuits are now my go-to! It is easy to move around!
D: It has been years since I’ve changed my style. I am a fan of darker colour palettes for my day to day outfits! The only time I am in coloured clothes will be Chinese New Year!

When you hustle between work life and home life, how do you draw the boundary and how does your dressing keep up?
P: We set time to go for walks, for meals to take a breather. At times, I will intentionally leave my phone at home to be present where I am! I wear mostly monochromatic workwear when we are working from home!
D: Like what Pris mentioned, we set intentional time for work, walks and meals. And we make sure that we do get a day of rest in the week. I’m pretty minimal when it comes to dressing for work from home. Comfortable and easy.

Can you share how does MUJI linen wear make you feel?
P: It is very comfortable!
D: Easy to wear and comfortable.

Is there a MUJI linen piece or pairing you would like to introduce to the reader to try it out, and why?
P: The brown long linen skirt! I love that the linen skirt can be paired with any shirt, t-shirt, or staples in your wardrobe. Very versatile!
D: I recommend the blue linen shirt that I wore! A staple in my wardrobe. It can be paired with jeans, shorts, simply anything!

What do you hope to achieve in 2021 in terms of personal and professional growth?
P: Personal growth, PLENTY! Improvement and change are my constant. Haha. In 2021, we would love to see a shift in the beauty industry and to see more people who are beauty and skincare savvy in Asia!
D: Personally, to be an even awesome husband to my wife and a son to my parents :) Professionally to see BeFound bringing movement and awareness in understanding skincare and seeing a generation of beauty-savvy individuals!

Anything you would like to tell our readers?
D: Hope you enjoyed reading this, and feel free to connect with us. We would love to hear from you. Look for us at @befoundstudios.