Store and Organise Well

Organise well to achieve a simple, pleasant living.

A well-organised space gives you a peace of mind and let you find things easily, bringing convenience and efficiency to everyday life! Make your home or office environment an inviting and enjoyable space to be in. Display only the necessary items and stow away the rest in an organised manner to free up space for your daily activities. Try grouping and categorizing items in storage units of appropriate size, materials, and designs. You can position your storage according to your lifestyle and frequency of use and keep possessions that you truly need.

At MUJI, the products are developed based on a dedicated observation of people’s daily lives. We offer practical, versatile, and uniform storage units that can be freely combined according to different storage needs, with simple designs that seamlessly blend with any interior to create natural and calming spaces. Read on to find out more on our storage selections.

Stainless Unit Shelf

The modularized design of the shelve fits into most space perfectly and is expandable by adding on more shelving units. As your storage needs changes or grow, you can always re-customize and combine shelves, frames, and a wide range of optional parts to create shelving units that function as efficient storage systems for every purpose.

Add on small storages such as soft polyethylene boxes, file boxes or rattan boxes to keep small items organised while still looking neat and aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time makes it easy for you to move things around.

The unit shelf series is also available in other material options such as stainless steel that’s perfect for the kitchen, laundry space or living room.

PP Storage Units

Well-loved by many for being easy to clean, stackable, durable, and available in a wide selection of sizes and designs to fit into different storage spaces for varying needs. These versatile storage units can used in abundant ways: as cases, stockers, wagons, boxes, and more.

While the trend for polypropylene products was to use colourful design schemes, MUJI developed these pp cases that are left naturally uncoloured. The omission of the colouring process from the production help reduces cost, and its translucent property let user identify the items stored while still obscuring the contents to maintain neat looks.

Characteristics of the polypropylene

Polypropylene (PP), is a flexible plastic which can be easily moulded and recycled. It is widely used in making daily used products such as car bumpers, containers, and bottle caps of PET bottles. Being durable and less likely to react with moisture and chemicals, PP is suitable for manufacturing storage items. It is the most heat-resistant among all plastic materials.

For clothes and large items

PP Drawers of large sizes are available in 4 size modules, each available in 3 heights from 18cm, 24cm to 30cm, from which you can choose the most suitable one to stack up according to interior space or use under bed or in wardrobe to keep clothes or other large household items.

Tips! Make the most of your closet space by combining cases of different sizes in accordance with the depth of your closet.

Wagons and Stockers

PP Drawers of only 18cm is great for narrow space like the entrance, kitchen, bathroom, or in-between furniture to utilise every bit of space for storage. Choose various ready-made multi-drawers’ units with castor and single layer drawers for free combination. Alternatively, opt for storage units with an open rack design which allows easy access of daily items.

Storage unit accessories

Add mobility to your storage solutions by attaching castors or placing on a wheeled platform. It will also make it easier to move and clean the surrounding areas. When organising small items, incorporate polystyrene partition boards and non-woven fabric separation cases to create partitions and organise your items into different sections. The height of the fabric case can be adjusted by folding down, and it can also be used as a inner lining to store delicate items.

  • Castor for PP Storage
  • PP Wheeled Platform
  • Non-woven Fabric Separation Case

Small Storage

Desktop Storage: MDF Wooden Storage

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood material known for its consistent strength. Keep your desk essentials tidy and easily accessible with our range of modular MDF storage drawers and trays. Its warm wooden tone blends in living space harmoniously and gives a sense of calmness.

Versatile arrangement

When organising your study, work, or personal space, look for a storage system that is adaptable. The unique design of the MDF 3 drawers or 6 drawers facilitate horizontal or vertical placement, simply by rotating the drawer’s orientation. While the single drawer allows you to separate the stored content with adjustable partition. Up to three layers can be stacked when placed horizontally.

Vanity Storage: PP Makeup Box

The versatility of the PP Makeup Boxes lies in their different sizes and stackability. Use it to store a multitude of beauty and household items, even condiments and utensils in the kitchen! It is also compatible with the nylon makeup boxes as a storage unit.

Tips! Try storing items vertically instead of piling them on top of each other for easier retrieval.

Kitchen Storage: Polypropylene Organiser Box

Keep items from sliding around inside drawers or piling on top of each other by adding drawer dividers. The Polypropylene Organiser Box help compartmentalize kitchen drawers or desk space to organise cutlery, small kitchen accessories or office supplies. By creating compartments, it helps maintain a storage system and allow you to quickly spot what you need. Further maximize the vertical space in your cabinets by stacking the organiser box, whilst placing the least usage frequency items at the bottom layer.

If you need advice on your room layout and interior furnishing, our Interior Advisors are here to help! Talk to our Interior Advisors for professional advice on MUJI furniture and household solutions tailored according to your lifestyle and actual needs for a space-efficient home and pleasant living. We offer complimentary Consultation Service in-store and through phone or online video calls!

Tips for storage planning

Make the most of your living space, and free up space for the things that truly matter. Here are some tips to get you started on your storage planning.

  • Layout Create zones and try to group and gather similar items in one location to create open space.
  • Stay flexible Choose flexible storage that allows for change in size and usage.
  • Organise Eliminate mess, imbalance, and disorganization. Use uniform storage units of similar material, shape, and style. Choose colours that complements one another or blends well with the space.
  • Arrange Organise items by user, purpose, and place.
  • Store Store by frequency and purpose, and lastly, label.
  • Hang Hang items in small spaces. It saves space while remain accessible.
Get inspired!

Apply storage methods flexibly according to your lifestyle needs. Furniture and storage items that are made from different materials can be combined to form a simple, organised storage system.