Everyday Items

MUJI provides functional and quality products worldwide to improve the lives of people. We also strive to offer better value by making our prices acceptable to our consumers. Which is why we have permanently priced down selected core MUJI items to provide you with consistent quality and increased affordability. Good quality basic items give you just the right comfort and ease as you go about your day. Enjoy these everyday items and more at permanently reduced prices in stores today.

Wardrobe Staples

Men & Ladies Indian Cotton Short Sleeve Tshirt

Enhanced neck design for an easy and comfortable wear.

RM49.00 RM38.90


Designed to fit the foot without slipping.
3 pairs at

RM39.00 RM33.90

Water Repellent Sneaker / Slip-on

Water repellent finish with firm arch support insoles to prevent tired feet.

RM119.00 RM79.90

Ladies' Innerwear (Bra)

Made of organic cotton blend that feels great against the skin.

RM89.00 RM74.90

Ladies' Innerwear (Shorts)

Made of organic cotton blend that feels great against the skin.

RM34.00 RM23.90

Men's Innerwear (Boxers / Trunks)

Made of organic cotton or cotton blend stretch for greater comfort.

RM34.00 RM23.90

Side Seamless Double Gauze Pajamas

Softly knit organic cotton for breathability and absorbency.

RM169.00 RM129.90

Hard Carry Bag with Adjustable Carry Bar

Adjust the handle to just the right height, no matter how tall you are.

RM539 - 1199 RM449 - 1099

Foldable Soft Carry Bag

Roomy case with compact storage by pulling up the inner panel to halve the thickness.

RM499 - 599 RM399 - 499

Organizing Materials

Planting Tree Paper Notebook 5pc Set (B5)

Resistant to ink seepage with improved quality.

RM12.90 RM8.90

Acrylic Case for Pierced Earrings & Necklace

Display accessories in this double-door case with plenty of storage capacity.

RM129.00 RM89.90

Acrylic Case for Glasses

It is a double-sided case that can store glasses and accessories with the use of velour inserts.

RM129.00 RM89.90

PP Storage Case Bundle

(Approx. Size: W34 x D44.5cm)
It is a drawer-type storage box that makes effective use of a small space.
(price for 2 same units)

RM 139.80 - 179.80 RM 115.90 - 150.90

PP Storage Case Bundle

(Approx. Size: W55 x D44.5cm)
A large drawer case that fits perfectly in a closet.
(price for 2 same units)

RM 199.80 - 278.00 RM165.90 - 235.90

Comfort Living

Sensitive Toning Water (400ml)

Made from natural water that is gentle to the skin and absorb quickly.

RM54.90 RM41.90

Shower Brush

Made of resilient nylon brush with easy grip handle.

RM59.90 RM49.90

Organic Cotton Face Towel (Thin / Medium Thick / Thick)

Retains its softness and durability even after repeated washing.

RM26.90 - 49.90 RM17.90 - 39.90

Cleaning System Carpet Cleaner

Convenient free-standing type for storage. Can be stored from either side of the cover.

RM26.90 RM19.90

Cleaning System Adhesive Roller Refill

Roller Tape Refill for carpet cleaner that is easy to tear off with perforated markings.

RM24.90 RM18.90

Ladies' 4 Way Stretch Chino Easy Boyfit Pants Ankle Length

Stretches in all directions. The trousers has a good fitting for ease of movement.

RM149.00 RM129.00

Jersey Knitted Soft Room Slipper

Light, soft, and flexible basic slipper that's gentle on bare feet.

RM39.90 RM33.90