[Open MUJI] MUJI Storage


6 January — 18 February 2018
Opening Hours | 10:00 — 22:00
Venue | Open MUJI, MUJI Plaza Singapura (Free Entry)


Storage, in the shape of life.

In the topic of storage, many would reckon it to be a kind of personal habit, or even feel troubled by it.

  • There are simply too many things!
  • Where should I begin with to organize these items?




Now, let’s take a step back to review, and we will notice the scenes of our everyday life is getting more and more cluttered. If we were to think about it, it’s not because humans are becoming lazier, but with the development of our economy and society, the types of consumer goods available expand to more variety, and simultaneously, the things around us increase as well. Take electrical appliances as an example, try recalling the ones we use during our childhood, and compare them to the ones we use now. However, it is also due to these increasing clutters that remind us that we are losing time and space.


In this exhibition, we illustrate using versatile storage products to accommodate some of our commonly used, daily necessities in life. Disorganized stationery, messy clothes and others, which we often try to find a place to hide, yet require to retrieve them easily when needed, and inadvertently blending them into the walls and corners of our everyday life.






So, are you ready to discover the endless possibilities with MUJI Storage?