Design myBag Competition 2018

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We’ve concluded the competition with our 5 winning entries!

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Are these familiar places that you can identify with?

Read on to find out more about the story behind these designs:

mybag design-01

Aerilynn Tan Tze Cheng

Title: Through Youthful Eyes

Singapore’s local culture is best experienced through the eyes of a child, authentic and untainted by external influences. This design is inspired by the artist’s favourite places in her childhood, put together to create a collage representing a memorable family day out from the perspective of a Singaporean child. The adrenaline of cycling and flying kites in the park on a cool morning; the thrill of running for the public bus; the wonder of exploring iconic landmarks; the elation upon hearing the bell of an ice cream cart on a sweltering afternoon; the delight when a pasar malam visits one’s estate in the evenings; and the serenity of strolling down the beach on a peaceful night – this illustration aims to evoke a sense of comfort, familiarity and nostalgia in Singaporeans, the young and old alike.


mybag design-02

Liew Ann Lee

Title: My Home, Our Stories

The HDB Flat encapsulates the diversity of culture within the homes of Singapore. It’s just like watching a drama series unfolding; each unit is full of life with a story to tell. 



mybag design-03

Pang Seow Fei

Title: The Moon Walk

Pasar Malam or night market has a long history in the Singapore lifestyle. It offers a carnival like atmosphere with huge array of goods to browse, variety of local snacks and food to keep everyone in good spirits. It is the perfect relaxation place to the ever expanding shopping mall culture that is spreading across the city for for the locals after a long day at work. To this day, the memories of taking a stroll to pasar malam constantly brings a smile to the artist’s face with the desire to visit one again.


mybag design-04

Tan Si Qi

Title: Baba House

In the artist’s neighbourhood, shophouses are always together, with no gaps between each house. It reminded the artist of close and healthy relationships, where two people have nothing to hide between each other. This inspired the artist to draw two single shophouses attracted to one another as they are better together. While the two colours chosen were inspired by Peranakan floor tiles that the artist remembered having in her family’s Malaysian home.


mybag design-05

Winona Khristia Robidillo Ortega

Title: Time Capsule

For years, HDB buildings have been the homes of locals as well as the foreigners in Singapore. Either new or old, these seemingly uniformed structures, through an enduring time, housed different personalities, families, and stories – each making what Singapore is today.

Living in these buildings not only allowed people to have a place to stay in, but created a much bigger family with close horizontal and vertical neighbors, a new kind of belongingness, and a strengthened sense of a community.

What better to represent Singapore’s culture and identity than the place that served its home to many? What better to represent this country than a place where unity is strong in diversity?

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Theme: mySingapore myBag

In conjunction with MUJI Plaza Singapura’s first anniversary, we look towards the sites and spaces that make Singapore our home. We want to uncover places in the city where our local culture is best demonstrated, such as a wet market where people of all backgrounds interact; a hawker centre reflecting our food culture; or a green space in our Garden City where we relax and unwind at the end of each day.

These locations are familiar spaces frequented by the average Singaporean, and showcase our culture in its most authentic, candid light. They offer insight into the lifestyles of local residents, and reveal slices of life that one encounters away from iconic landmarks and tourist destinations. By highlighting these places, we draw attention to lesser known aspects of everyday life in Singapore, encouraging an exploration of the city beyond the beaten path.

We invite you to offer your interpretation of our city through the creative design of a MUJI Cotton myBag, inspired by places and spaces that are representative of Singapore’s local culture. The top 5 entries will be printed and sold exclusively at MUJI Singapore’s flagship store at Plaza Singapura, with 100% nett proceeds going to Children’s Cancer Foundation. Winning designers will each receive a $300 MUJI Gift Card.


How to Participate?


Download myBag Base Template from links below.

AI Template 
PDF Template


Submit design with a brief, and contact details to

  • Format Acceptable (PSD, AI)
  • Multiple Submission (Up to 3)
  • Artwork Colours (Up to 2)
  • Entries to avoid complicated textures or fine lines (line strokes should be at least 1mm wide)


A total of 5 (FIVE) Winners will be selected.


Please check T&C details


  • $300 MUJI Gift Card x 5 Winners
  • Designs Printed on myBags & Sold Exclusively at MUJI Plaza Singapura 


  • 40% Relevance to Theme
  • 40% Creativity and Execution
  • 20% Originality



Competition Terms & Conditions

  • The competition is open for submission from 7 June – 24 June 2018.
  • MUJI Singapore reserves the rights to extend the competition deadline without formal notice and to disqualify any incomplete, improper or late entries without disclosing or providing any reasons whatsoever.
  • Participants are to use downloadable myBag template as base design, and the design submitted should be relevant to the theme ‘mySingapore myBag’.
  • Designs are to be submitted in Adobe Photoshop PSD or Illustrator A.I format, with a short design brief and contact details (full name and contact number) via email to
  • The competition is open to all Singapore Citizens and PRs age 18 and above, except, staff and management of MUJI Singapore and their immediate family members.
  • Participants can submit up to three (3) entries. Multiple entries should be sent with the same email subject header.
  • Designs should be original and not previously used or owned by any other individual/organization.
  • Judging criteria: 40% Relevance to Theme, 40% Creativity and Execution, 20% Originality
  • Five (5) chosen winners will be announced on 29 June 2018.
  • Winning designs will be printed on MUJI Singapore’s myBag and sold at the sales floor.
  • By entering the competition, entrants consent to the use of the personal information they submit with their entries for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes, and agrees to give MUJI Singapore the right to use or publish all submitted materials to promote this contest.

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