2021 Spring Summer Menu Launch


1 April - 14 July 2021

Set consists of 4 Featured Deli Dishes,
16 Grain Rice and Choice of Soup.

Kelp & Beancurd Skin with Hijiki & Black Fungus

A crunchy mix of Japanese kelp and hijiki with hundred layered beancurd skin, cloud ear fungus, tossed in aromatic chilli and pepper infused yuzu dressing.

65° Poached Chicken Breast & Fennel, Sweet Purple Potato Salad

Chicken breast poached at 65° to a perfect succulent tenderness, mixed with roasted Japanese purple sweet potato, fennel and quinoa in a mellow black vinegar onion dressing.

Barramundi with Potato & Leek Salsa

Deliciously tender barramundi paired with potato and leek salsa in a savoury potato soy sesame sauce.

Kohi Pork & King Oyster Mushroom

Crispy pork and king oyster mushroom coated in a delectable bittersweet coffee sauce.

New Desserts & Drinks


Chocolate Banana Crunch Cake


Moist banana cake layered with luscious hazelnut praline and banana fudge, topped with milk chocolate mousse and caramelised almond bits.


Yuzu Castella Cake


A light and refreshing option, the castella sponge is perfumed with citrusy yuzu honey flavour and topped with a lightly sweetened, billowy sour cream frosting with honey pie crumbles at the sides.


Pineapple Colada


An alcohol-free version of Piña Colada, consisting of tropical flavours in a sweet, creamy blend of pineapple with coconut cream, garnished with lime zest and a touch of Cornish sea salt.


Aloe Vera Sweet Vinegar Drink


Naturally fermented and imported from Japan, a health-boosting sweet vinegar drink with aloe vera bits that delights the taste buds with its lingering mellow sweetness and piquant sourness.

Triple Berries & Apple Smoothie

NOW $6.50 (U.P. $7.90)

Drinks & Desserts
MUJI Members’ Teatime Exclusive
10% OFF Drinks & Desserts

Available between 2:30pm — 5:30pm, Mondays to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays.
Applicable on ala carte drinks and desserts only.

Caffeine-Free Tea

Organic Hojicha
$4.90/ $8.90 (Tea in Pot)

Made by roasting organically grown green tea leaves from Kagoshima prefecture, Japan. It is caffeine-free and can be enjoyed by the likes of young children and elderly.

Lemongrass & Pakchee Seeds Tea
$4.90/ $8.90 (Tea in Pot)

A caffeine-free tea blend of organic lemongrass (from Kyushu, Japan) with coriander seeds (pakchee seeds). Enjoy the refreshing harmony of lemongrass scent and savoury flavor of coriander seeds.

Lemongrass & Spearmint Tea
$4.90/ $8.90 (Tea in Pot)

A caffeine-free tea blend of organic lemongrass (from Kyushu, Japan) with spearmint. Relish in the uplifting lemongrass aroma with smooth and minty flavor notes of spearmint.

The lemongrass used is organically grown in the fields of Kyushu, Japan without using chemical fertilizers and agrochemicals.
Pyramid tea bags are used which allows better brewing with space for the tea leaves to expand properly, releasing its maximum flavours and fragrances.