New Lifestyle,
New Normal

Since the pandemic, many of us have adapted and made changes to our daily routines with new perspectives and thoughts to the way of life, developing a new normal. We’ve taken a closer look into these lifestyle changes to shed light on how MUJI can support individuals in various aspects of everyday living.

As MUJI Singapore turns 18 this year, we thank you for your continuous support that allows us to emerge stronger, where we continue to grow and be part of your essential daily lives, bringing to you lifestyle basics which are truly fundamental for day-to-day living.


Pasta Sauce

On the days that I’m home, I’ll try to make something out with the ingredients I have. Pairing my pasta with MUJI’s Urchin Cream Pasta Sauce, the preparation is simple and quick! I do not have to always get takeaways as I can easily whip up a meal for me and my family.

Tips: Add in extra ingredients that you have in the fridge for a more filling and scrumptious meal!


Water Repellent My Tote Bag

Nowadays I tried to bring my own containers to cut plastic waste and avoid using the plastic packaging provided by the food stalls. However, to carry everything at one go is difficult, so I recommend using this foldable tote bag which is strong enough for the handle to carry the weight of the food, and wide enough to hold the size of my tingkat. There’s also a strap to clip the bag together to minimize movement and prevent the container inside from toppling.


Curry Potato Egg Sandwich

Sandwiches that you can easily eat with one hand are great for brunch, late night snacks, while watching dramas, and surfing the Internet. If you want to make an easy-to-eat sandwich, the retort curry is one great ingredient to add flavours. Simply mix the finely chopped boiled eggs and boiled potatoes with your favorite retort curry pack, and lightly pan fry it in a buttered pan. Retort curry is good on its own as the seasoning, but you can also add mayonnaise, salt, or black pepper.


Organizing Kitchen Drawers

I love tea & coffee! Without realizing, my collection of tea (loose tea leaves and tea bags) and coffee sachets has filled up my entire drawer. One of the most essential organizing tips I lived by is to create compartments within your drawers! This habit has made my life so much easier as I know where everything is placed, and I could save some money from purchasing new teas. I am using PP arrangement boxes to store my tea and coffee collection but it is not enough. So I decided to reuse my milk and juice carton boxes - works the same way as my organizing boxes!


MUJI Walker Activewear

One of my frequent go-to exercise attire is the short sleeve t-shirt from the MUJI Walker Activewear series. I like that it is airy and comfortable due to its quick dry and stretchable polyester material that feels soft against the skin, and it is strong in sweat absorbency. Great for all genders and ages, gather your family members to work out and stay fit together!


Wardrobe Organizing

Step 1: Categorize
Start by taking out all the clothes from your wardrobe and sort them into categories: (1) Keep - Your favorites, or clothes that you will continue to wear or is frequently worn. (2) Throw - Damaged or sizes no longer fit. (3) Recycle / Reuse - Clothes that are still in wearable condition, but will not want to wear anymore.

Step 2: Organize
After sorting, organize the clothes to “Keep” back in your wardrobe by their usage and purpose, and prepare appropriate storage boxes for them. Below are some of my recommendations:


Everyday Basic T-Shirt

The everyday classic short sleeve t-shirt is comfortable to wear both at home and when I am out running errands. With varying textures and silhouettes, you can easily find the best fit that suits your body frame.


Crochet Hat

The crochet hat is a must have for my outdoor adventure. It is easy to wear and so lightweight to carry around. The UV cut properties help protect me against outdoor UV rays, and it is designed with a water-proof tape inside.


Linen Wear

Strong and supple. Linen gains elegance and softens every time you wash it. The more you use it, the more it blends into your everyday life. Linen is perfect for all occasions and even ages!

Here are some inspirations from the MUJI Team on how you can style our linen series.



In our hot and humid climate, we’d probably have to wash our clothes more often and it can be a pain sometimes to fold and keep away our laundry. Hang the clothes that you wear on a regular basis. For shirts worn regularly, hang them to dry and transfer them into your closet right away. That way, you can save yourself the trouble of folding them. You can also hang clothes that wrinkle easily, such as linen shirts, to prevent creases. The hangers are also thin enough to keep your closet well ventilated. Choose your favourite material, such as polypropylene or aluminium.


Slotting Storage Technique

Try using the slotting method for even tidier storage and maximize space! Clothes such as t-shirts, underwear and socks, or even those foldable tote bags can be folded and stored in the way of slotting instead of stacking. By doing so, their colours or patterns are visible and you will be able to retrieve each item individually. Fold them at a consistent width so that you can store them neatly.


Aging Care Series

Working from home means there is no need to rush to prepare in the morning. Instead of applying just the all-in-one gel alone, I have more time to apply each step individually to yield better and more effective results! Aging care is not only for matured age groups. If you have dry skin, this series will be suitable too!

Tips: After cleansing, apply the toning water first followed by the moisturizing milk and all-in-one gel as the last step.


Bath Accessories

While working from home, I tend to switch on the fan more than the air-conditioning to save costs and the environment. As it tends to feel very warm especially during noon time, I’ll take a shower using the nylon body towel to cool down and feel refreshed! After using the body towel, I’ll hang it onto the aluminium towel hanger to let it dry.

Tips: The suctions of the aluminium towel hanger are adjustable so you can move them closer or further apart to suit your needs!


Floor Chair & Beads Cushion

Rest comfortably with MUJI Beads Sofa — the microbeads inside retain its shape and create an extremely soft feeling. Along with the combination of stretch material and canvas fabric, the cushion freely moulds its form to fit my favoured sitting posture and envelopes my body in comfort. MUJI floor chair acts as a great pet bed too and it blends seamlessly into my home. Enjoy your paw buddies companion, take out your chips and watch Netflix for a relaxing time spent at home!


Stainless Steel Unit Shelf (SUS)

This multi-purpose steel unit shelf is my work and leisure space. I love how simple and clean it looks! By day, I use it to work from home. By night, I use it to listen to my favourite music and unwind. The SUS series has a modular design so you can change the look, purpose and feel by adjusting the height of the boards to suit your needs.

Tips: If you need more storage space, you can always purchase additional parts to add on and expand your existing unit!


PP Storage

MUJI’s PP Storage Drawers lets me maximize my limited space. The best part - it is versatile enough for various combinations; if I do not have enough storage, I can always purchase another one and add on top of it. These storage boxes are easy to clean too, and if you attach wheels, it easily rolls out for a thorough cleaning.


USB Desk Fan and Portable Aroma Diffuser

When I’m feeling hot in my study room, I simply plug the USB fan into my laptop USB port to enjoy a cooling breeze. Furthermore, it is compact with low noise emission, allowing me to concentrate on working. I use my Portable Aroma Diffuser whenever I’m feeling stressed or tired with my current work, or when I want to relax and calm down. As it is portable, I can disperse the scent wherever I desire.